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Bing Chat Links Acquire Favicons

Microsoft has added favicons to the links within Bing Chat / Copilot. Favicons should make the links beneath the AI-generated answer more clickable and noticeable to users. I personally now see the favicons on all my tests within Bing Chat, now known as Copilot. I am not sure if this is a limited test or […]

Google Testing Shading Colours Of Favicons

Google is testing shading and adding color and depth to favicons that they display in the search result snippets. This was spotted some time ago but it seems to be more broadly being tested now, including the shading experiment. Here is a screenshot from Chandan Kumar from a few days ago on X – notice […]

Google Now Says Favicons No Longer Want To Be Hosted On Identical Area

Google has updated its favicon search developer documentation to now say that you don’t need to host the favicon in the same domain in order to be eligible for a favicon in Google Search results. Google removed the line, “the URL must be in the same domain as the home page.” Here is a screenshot […]

Google Site Title At Area Degree Whereas Favicons At Area and Subdomain Ranges

Google has clarified its help documentation for the new site name markup and old favicon requirements about if they can be specified on the domain versus sub-domain versus sub-directory levels. In short, site names are supported at the domain level, and not at the subdomain or subdirectory level. Favicons are supported at the domain and […]

Google Spam Replace, Web site Identify & Favicons, New Sponsored Ad Label and Extra

The Google October 2022 spam update, the first spam update since last November, started and was completed within 42 hours, I have more on that in the video. Google also rolled out a new site name and favicon design for the mobile search results, with new structured data. With that, Google has rolled out the […]

Google Working On Resolving Favicons Not Exhibiting In Search Outcomes

Google’s John Mueller confirmed that Google Search is working on an issue with some favicons not showing up properly in Google Search. The issue has been ongoing for weeks (around September 18th), well before the new site name and favicon release was announced, by the way. John called this a “niche” issue, implying it is […]

Google Search Testing Rounded Favicons

Google is testing a rounded corner design for the favicons displayed in the mobile search results on snippets. Brodie Clark shared some examples on Twitter saying “On the back of recent testing of favicon sizing on mobile, a rounded version with a gray background has appeared. Similar to previous tests, the brand name/domain is also […]

Bing Search Testing Varied Favicons / Emojis In Title Tags

Here is an interesting test from Microsoft Bing. The search company is testing placing a newspaper emoji and a magnifying glass emoji as the favicon in the title of the search results pages. It’s unusual and I’m not sure why Bing is testing it, but they are. Frank Sandtmann, a German based SEO consultant, sent […]