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Google Search Console Links Report Now Displaying Extra Links

A couple of weeks ago we reported that there was a bug with the Google Search Console link report. Google’s John Mueller eventually confirmed the issue and said a fix will come out soon. This morning (I checked several times per day since then) I am seeing a small increase in the number of links […]

Twitter Now Exhibiting Content material To Google, Tweets Returning To Google Search

On Monday, I reported that Google stopped crawling and indexing Twitter content after Twitter made it so that unregistered (signed-out) users were not able to see tweets. Well, Twitter made a change in the past 24 hours or so that now Google and unregistered users can see the tweet but there is a modal that […]

Google Displaying Product Pricing Graph Over 3 Months

Google is testing showing the price fluctuations of a product in a graph over a three-month period in the search results. We saw product pricing sliders but this is on a graph to show pricing changes over that time period. This was spotted by Punit and he posted this screenshot on Twitter: I cannot replicate […]

Google Search Displaying Extra Featured Snippets On Desktop

Google Search is now rolling out more featured snippets, this is not the new perspectives that it said would be coming at its Google I/O event, despite what I wrote in the original story. It’s basically where Google shows more than one featured snippet, often two or three. We saw this on mobile but now […]

Google Exhibiting Fewer Local Pack Outcomes In Net Search

Google seems to be showing fewer and fewer local packs for various queries in the Google Search results interface. For the past few days or so, local SEOs have been noticing this trend and it is concerning them and their clients. Joy Hawkins posted about this in the Local Search Forums saying, “I’ve been tracking […]

Google Maps & Native Displaying Addresses In A number of Languages

Google can show your business address in more than one language within Google Maps and the Google local search results. So if you have a hotel, Google might be able to show the address both in English and the local language, like French in our example below. This was spotted by Stefan Somborac who noticed […]

Jayde Powell on Showing Up Authentically

What is 🔓 Creators Unlocked? 🔓 Creators Unlocked is a content series that delves into the world of creators to uncover the stories behind their social media posts. Through in-depth interviews with various creators, the series seeks to provide a deeper understanding of the creative process and the challenges of being a content creator. From […]

Bing Chat Exhibiting Distinctive Analytics Referrer In Edge Sidebar

We all want to see how much traffic the new Bing Chat feature will send us and we know Bing Webmaster Tools will eventually add it. But how about analytics? Well, there are signs Bing Chat is adding some tracking variables for analytics software. This seems to only be available with Bing Chat for the […]

Bing Chat In Edge Sidebar Exams Not Displaying Citations By Default

Microsoft Bing is testing not showing the citations or links to publishers by default for some results in the Edge Sidebar. So instead of showing the links to the publishers, Bing is showing “click to view,” and when you click it, then Bing will show you those citations or links. This was spotted and covered […]

What’s With Those Cartoonishly Big Red Rubber Boots Influencers Are Showing Off On Social Media?

What’s With Those Cartoonishly Big Red Rubber Boots Influencers Are Showing Off On Social Media? by Adam | February 17, 2023 The topline They are big, red, made of rubber and comically larger than the average boot, but they are making waves on social media, made an appearance during New York Fashion Week and WWE […]