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Microsoft Bing Automobiles For Sale “No Accidents” label

Microsoft Bing Search has cars for sale feature that shows cars they have listed in the Microsoft Autos site. Now, Bing is showing a green label named “No Accidents” for cars they can verify have no accidents reported for that VIN. Shameem Adhikarath spotted this and posted it on Twitter but I can replicate this […]

Microsoft Start Partner Label In Bing Chat Outcomes

A couple of months ago we reported that Microsoft may share revenues with publishers that help it create content for Bing Chat. It was under the Microsoft Start Partner program. Well, for the first time, I am seeing a Microsoft Start partner label in the Bing Chat results. This was posted on Twitter and Mikhail […]

Google Ads Testing Gold Verification Badge / Label

Google Ads is also testing a gold verification badge or label in the search results. We saw a blue verification label and then a blue badge style label and now we are seeing the label in gold. This gold style was captured by Alex Kubica, he posted this screenshot on Twitter: As a reminder, this […]

What To Look For in White Label Blog Content Services?

White-label blog content is a service that enables you to outsource content tasks to a third-party such as a freelancer or agency. With white-label blog content services, you own whatever written content the third party creates. This ownership means you can use it as you wish, publish or distribute it as your own, and assign […]

Microsoft Bing Official Site Label

Microsoft Bing is testing adding an “official site” label in the search results. If you search for a specific site, you may find that Bing adds to the title of the search result snippet the words “Official Site.” This was spotted by Shameem Adhikarath and posted on Twitterbut I cannot replicate it myself: I don’t […]

Google People Also Ask Testing Trending Label

Google is testing a “trending” label in the people also ask box in the mobile search results. I guess it shows trending searches in the category of what other people are asking about that query. I cannot replicate this but Vijay Chauhan spotted this and posted a videocast of this on Twitter. Here is a […]

Google Sponsored Label In Product Itemizing Search Outcomes

Google is now testing the Google Ads sponsored label in the product listing results within the more products section in an additional result. I cannot replicate this, but Saad AK spotted it and posted two videos of this in action. As a reminder, Google launched the new “sponsored” ad label on mobile last October. Google […]

Google Search Testing Full Protection Label On Desktop

Google since 2019 had this”full coverage” label for news stories that showed up in mobile search results. I am not sure if this was ever presented in the desktop results, and that is what we have for you today. Khushal Bherwani spotted the desktop version and posted some screenshots on Twitter – here is one […]

Google Testing Sponsored Label On Desktop Search Ads

Google is testing displaying the new “sponsored” ad label on the desktop search results. Google launched the new sponsored ad label on mobile search two months ago and also tested it on Discover recentlyand is now also testing it on the desktop interface. This should come as no surprise to any of you. This was […]