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Microsoft Bing Automobiles For Sale “No Accidents” label

Microsoft Bing Search has cars for sale feature that shows cars they have listed in the Microsoft Autos site. Now, Bing is showing a green label named “No Accidents” for cars they can verify have no accidents reported for that VIN. Shameem Adhikarath spotted this and posted it on Twitter but I can replicate this […]

Former Dingwall Academy pupil makes good in United States as Indie Semiconductor finds worthwhile area of interest in market as our relationship with automobiles adjustments gear

Donald McClymont Swapping Caledonia for California has paid off for Dingwall man Donald McClymont. The company he co-founded, Indie Semiconductor, is on the US Nasdaq stock market with a turnover of millions of dollars and is playing an important role in helping the auto industry transition into a new era of self-driving, electric power vehicles […]

CES 2022: Biting robots and colour-changing automobiles | Data Age

Do you need an Amagami Ham Ham in your life? Photo: Supplied It says something about the times that the most-discussed new product at the year-defining Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 was a stuffed toy that nibbles on your finger. Yukai Engineering’s robotic cat, called Amagami Ham Ham, nibbles on a finger inserted into its […]