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The Most Complicated Emojis within the World [Infographic]

This may be the best encapsulation of “am I getting old?” in an infographic that I’ve ever seen. The team from Wordtips recently conducted an analysis of the most commonly searched emojis on Google, along with “meaning”. So these are the emojis that people find the most confusing, and have to turn to Google to […]

How to Unlock and Use TikTookay’s Secret Emojis [FULL LIST]

TikTok is one of the most explosive social media apps on the market. And by now, you probably think you know everything there is to know about it. But hold onto your smartphone because this TikTok tip will blow your mind: TikTok has secret emojis! That’s right, there are 46 hidden images built into the […]

Bing Search Testing Varied Favicons / Emojis In Title Tags

Here is an interesting test from Microsoft Bing. The search company is testing placing a newspaper emoji and a magnifying glass emoji as the favicon in the title of the search results pages. It’s unusual and I’m not sure why Bing is testing it, but they are. Frank Sandtmann, a German based SEO consultant, sent […]

Google Ads Formally Testing Emojis In Some Ads

Google has confirmed it is officially testing placing emojis in some search ads. Darcy Burk spotted a pizza emoji on a search ad for Uber Eats and posted the screenshot on Twitter. Ginny Marvin of Google on the Ads Liaison Twitter account confirmed Google is testing placing emojis in some search ads. Here is a […]

Using Email Emojis | Twilio SendGrid

Using emojis in email marketing has always been a hot topic. Some argue that emojis stand out and grab readers’ attention, while others say that emojis look unprofessional and spammy. The jury has not yet decided, and you won’t find a universal answer for all of them. Our advice: if it feels right for your […]