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The Most Complicated Emojis within the World [Infographic]

This may be the best encapsulation of “am I getting old?” in an infographic that I’ve ever seen. The team from Wordtips recently conducted an analysis of the most commonly searched emojis on Google, along with “meaning”. So these are the emojis that people find the most confusing, and have to turn to Google to […]

Google Nonetheless Rolling Out Updates, Begin & Finish Dates Are Complicated, Bing To Add ChatGPT, search engine optimisation Is Unhealthy & Extra

Welcome to the first video recap of 2023, where I start with the January 2023 Google webmaster report. I then explain how the Google helpful content and link spam updates are still rolling out and, more so, still causing volatility. Google explained why assigning start, and end dates to some algorithm updates is hard and […]

Every Christopher Nolan Movie, Ranked Least-Most Complicated

Christopher Nolan is currently hard at work on his next movie, a biopic of theoretical physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer dramatizing his work on the Manhattan Project, primed for a summer 2023 release. As with all of Nolan’s movies, this complex World War II-era science thriller won’t allow audiences to switch off their brain. Every Nolan […]

Google’s Overlapping Algorithm Updates, Product Evaluations Replace, Complicated HTTPS Report & Google Ads Serving Bug

In this week’s video, we cover how Google said they try not to overlap search algorithm updates but then announced the rollout of the fifth product reviews update before the core update was done. We also dug into the product reviews update and what we are seeing from it. There is a bug with Google […]