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Navigating Movie Marketing Challenges Amidst Actors’ Strikes

It is curious to think of a strike that brings together the entire cast of Hollywood professionals, from screenwriters and staff to world-renowned actors. But this is exactly what we are experiencing right now, with new series and film content on hold while those responsible for creating it seek fairer working conditions and recognition. The […]

Every Christopher Nolan Movie, Ranked Least-Most Complicated

Christopher Nolan is currently hard at work on his next movie, a biopic of theoretical physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer dramatizing his work on the Manhattan Project, primed for a summer 2023 release. As with all of Nolan’s movies, this complex World War II-era science thriller won’t allow audiences to switch off their brain. Every Nolan […]

Sleep within the iconic Spice Girls film bus for the final word pop-lover’s staycation

It’s been 25 years since Posh, Scary, Baby, Sporty and Ginger took to the roads of Britain in a double decker bus in the Spice World movie. With plenty of nods to The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night and an all-star cast including a host of celebrity cameos, a surprising number of whom are still […]

Google Search Film Opinions Panel Now Full Width

Rajan Patel, the VP of Engineering at Google, confirmed with me that Google has rolled out full width movie reviews. So when you search for a movie name and add on “review” to your query, Google will show a full width review panel in web search. This was spotted by Steph on Twitter who told […]

How This Headphone Startup Is Creating A Area of interest Amongst Film Buffs

The headphones and earphones market is a highly personalised segment, given that there is hardly any plain vanilla hardware. Most brands build with a design differentiation in mind, be it casual/home listening or music workout, genre-specific features or immersive gaming requirements, hoping to enthral their target audience.  As new trends come up, existing brands go […]

Christopher Nolan Will Make His Subsequent Movie At Universal

For the first time in almost 20 years, Christopher Nolan is making a movie with a studio other than Warner Bros. Nolan has directed a couple pictures through the years that were co-financed and distributed by multiple studios, like The Prestige. But Warners has always been involved somehow, at least since Nolan’s first Hollywood movie, 2002’s Insomnia. That will change […]