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Older adults want 7-9 hours of high quality sleep per night time

Q: Years ago, I slept like a rock. Could my age be affecting my sleep? A: It is well documented that adequate, quality sleep is necessary throughout your lifetime. The amount of sleep you need varies with age. Growing children need more sleep than adults. According to the National Institute on Aging, older adults need […]

Groggy After Taking Melatonin? Try These 7 Pure Sleep Aids

This story is part of 12 Days of Tips, helping you make the most of your tech, home and health during the holiday season. The quality of sleep you get can greatly impact every aspect of your health. Sleep plays a role in strengthening your immune system, repairing muscle tissue, promoting memory and knowledge retention […]

Google Assistant simply eliminated the tip time for music sleep timers with out telling anybody

Many people who use Google Assistant around the home (those who aren’t completely and utterly frustrated and done with it by now) often play music on their Nest Hub, Nest Mini, or other Assistant-enabled devices to fall asleep faster. Putting on your favorite lo-fi or relaxing music as opposed to rain sounds can be a […]

LG Electronics unveils wi-fi earphone to get folks into deep sleep

LG Electronics has come up with a wireless earphone that helps users sleep comfortably using brain wave technology. Developed by its independent company, SleepWave, the device called Breeze can also analyse sleep data in real time and suggest better sleep patterns. HOW IT WORKS Intended to be worn while sleeping, this lightweight earphone plays brain […]

Cannabidiol in Anxiety and Sleep: What the Studies Show

27 Dec Cannabidiol in Anxiety and Sleep: What the Studies Show Posted at 16:03h in Cannabis by Marie Benz MD FAAD Please check with your health care provider before using cannabidiol or related products for any health condition. Anxiety and insomnia are two common conditions, especially in today’s society. Many people turn to professional help […]

ApsTron Science releases MyNeurons(tm): Mobile App to assist with Pain, Sleep, Study, Focus and Emotional Wellness

Free Mobile Apps by ApsTron Science Free Mobile Apps by ApsTron Science Beats to Relax, Meditate, Study and Learn MyNeurons™ Binaural Beats Neuron Waves is now available for Android, Apple devices, Web version to be released soon WOBURN, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, December 19, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Apstron Science announces today that it is launching MyNeurons™, […]

Excessive Threat of Sleep Dysfunction Burden in Transgender Youth: Ronald Gavidia, MD, MS

WATCH TIME: 4 minutes “The most important part is to inform people that the transgender community has more sleep disorders than the cisgender population and the use of gender affirming therapy may help.” Presently, there has been few reported studies on sleep disorders in individuals who identify as transgender or gender-nonconforming (TGNC). In addition, the […]

Binaural Bedtime Meditation For Higher Sleep & Rest, New Mindfulness Beats

Magic Mind Meditation has updated their YouTube channel with new content, meant to help listeners fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. New York,United States – December 9, 2022 — Their new content focuses on promoting a calm environment before bed with a series of soothing binaural, piano, and ambient tracks. These videos are intended […]

Best Sleep Trackers for 2023: Top 5 Wearable Displays Most Really helpful By Experts

Diet and exercise are key to good health, but sleep is also at the top of the list alongside them. Sleep trackers have become much more popular recently, particularly among those interested in improving their sleep. If you struggle with getting enough rest and are looking get a better idea of your sleeping patterns, we’ve […]

Listening to pink noise can support your sleep

The sound is a gentle roar — a bit like a distant waterfall, or the wind rushing past your car windows on a long drive. It’s continuous, fuzzy and surprisingly soothing. Welcome to ‘brown noise’ — the latest trend for helping improve your concentration. While most of us have heard of white noise — that […]