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Google Search Units Available For Rent Native Panel

Google is now showing a new section in some local panels named “Units available to rent.” This shows homes, condos and other apartments that the company has listed as available to rent out. Dan Buchy notified me of this and posted about it on LinkedIn – you can see it yourself for a search on […]

Google Native Panel Share Button Inside Three Dots

Google has added to some listings in the local panel in its search results a “Share” button within the three dots in that listing. Previously, the three dots had the ability to suggest an edit, learn more about the data and maybe claim the listing. Now Google brought back the share feature from 2017 within […]

Google Testing Bolding The Name Of The Enterprise In The Local Panel

Google is testing bolding the name of the business within the local panel in the search results. I was unable to replicate this but my screenshot shows my company name in normal text, while the test shows a bolded font for the company name. Here is a screenshot from Khushal Bherwani he posted on X […]

Google Search Testing Lite Knowledge Panel Snippet

Google is testing a lite version of a knowledge panel, maybe a knowledge panel “snippet” in the mobile search results. It is a snippet that looks like a sub-knowledge panel design with a way to dig into a specific entity, like you would with a full-size knowledge panel in Google Search. Here is a screenshot […]

Google Local Panel “By Owner” button

Google has added a “by owner” button to the local panel, the local business profile listing, within Google Search. When you click on it, it shows you the business description and Google Posts/Updates provided by the business owner. I spotted this via Amy Toman who posted about this on Twitterwho wrote, “Ok, this is frustrating. […]

Google Data Local Panel With Often Searched Together

Google seems to be testing a new section on the local knowledge panels named “often searched together.” Mordy Oberstein found this and said on Twitter that it is a “great way to see who your local competitors really are.” Here is the screenshot he shared on Twitter: We recently saw the often searched together as […]

Google Data Panel That Scrolls & Expands

Did you see the scrollable and expandable features in some user experiences with the Google Search knowledge panel and answer boxes? Well, here are examples of both – I am not sure if they are new, for some reason, I don’t think they are – but I don’t think I’ve covered it before. The scrollable […]

Google Recent Images Carousel For Data Panel

Google has a “recent images” photo carousel for some knowledge panels. For example, Google had this for a search on the [golden globes] last week, showing photos from the recently taken and published event. Here is a screenshot that I snagged (click to enlarge it): This was first spotted by Khushal Bherwani who shared this […]

Google Provides Disclaimer To Appointment Suppliers Hyperlinks In Native Panel

Google has added a disclaimer to the appointment provider links that you find in the Google Search local panel and in the Google Maps business listings. The disclaimer partially reads under the “about these providers,” adding “providers are listed in random order.” It continues to say “however, if the business has specified a preferred provider, […]

Google Testing Things To Know On Proper Panel

Google is testing the placement of the Things To Know section on the right-side panel. Typically, you find these within the main search results in the middle portion of the search results. This was first spotted by Punit on Twitter but I can replicate it in some browsers. Here is a screenshot: We first heard […]