Google Data Panel That Scrolls & Expands

Did you see the scrollable and expandable features in some user experiences with the Google Search knowledge panel and answer boxes? Well, here are examples of both – I am not sure if they are new, for some reason, I don’t think they are – but I don’t think I’ve covered it before.

The scrollable knowledge panel, spotted by Mordy Oberstein and posted on Twitter. Note, I can replicate this in all browsers, which makes me think it is not new, but again, I really didn’t report on it. maybe this is something like it but not really.

Here is what I see:

Google Expandable Carousel Panel Click

Here is what Mordy showed:

Here’s another

— Mordy Oberstein 🇺🇦 (@MordyOberstein) January 31, 2023

Then when I was trying to replicate this for other queries, I saw this expandable version, which again, I don’t know if it is new, it is like that interactive knowledge panel section we covered a bit ago.

Google Expandable Carousel Panel

Google’s interfaces keep getting clicky.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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