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Google Provides Disclaimer To Appointment Suppliers Hyperlinks In Native Panel

Google has added a disclaimer to the appointment provider links that you find in the Google Search local panel and in the Google Maps business listings. The disclaimer partially reads under the “about these providers,” adding “providers are listed in random order.” It continues to say “however, if the business has specified a preferred provider, […]

Google Guaranteed Local Ads Provides Not Guaranteed Disclaimer

Google has added a label on the Google Guaranteed Local Service Ads reviews to say the reviews are not guaranteed. This I guess comes as no surprise with all the Google Local Service Ads spam and junk we have been noticing recently. Curtis Boyd spotted this new disclaimer that reads “Reviews do not constitute a […]

Facebook Eases Social Issues Ads Policy to Allow Product-Targeted Ads to Run With no Disclaimer

Facebook has announced An update to the Social Issues Ad Policy that will significantly reduce the rigor of the Social Issues Eligibility Criteria to ensure that more ads can be served without the “paid by” disclaimer. In summary after the 2016 US presidential election, Facebook implemented a number of new restrictions and parameters All about […]