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Google Search Testing Displaying User Uploaded Images For Products Outcomes

Google seems to be testing displaying user-uploaded product images within the Google Search product section. So that when you click on a product, instead of showing the official product image, it pulls a user-uploaded version. I personally cannot replicate this but Khushal Bherwani spotted this and posted a screenshot on X: I see the nice […]

Google Search Product Images Check Clickable Links

Google is testing having links overlay, like watermarks, on product result images. I can replicate this on some browsers, but not all, so it looks like a test where Google can see if searchers are clicking on the link within the image or not. This was spotted first by Khushal Bherwani, who posted about this […]

Google Search Generative Experience Now Can Create Images & Textual content

Google has upgraded its Search Generative Experience to create images and text, not just give you answers and show you images or content from others. Google said SGE can now help with “creating an image that can bring an idea to life, or getting help on a written draft when you need a starting point.” […]

Google Search Products Overlay With Zoomable Product Images On Mouse Hover

Google Search now zooms in on product images when you are previewing a specific from on the right-hand panel. All you need to do is hover your mouse cursor over the product image. Khushal Bherwani spotted this and notified me of this on X – I can replicate this, so here is a GIF of […]

Bing Chat To Allow Pasting Pictures Into Question Field

Bing Chat will soon allow you to copy and image to your clipboard and paste it directly into the query or search box. This will make it faster than manually uploading the image to Bing Chat. Mikhail Parakhin, Microsoft Bing’s CEO, said on Twitter that this feature should be live on Monday, August 28th. Here […]

Google Images With Web site Title, Favicon & Web page Title

Google Images are now showing the site name, favicon and below that, a second line, for the page title that image is sourced from. Previously, Google showed just the image, then Google tested the site name and favicon but now Google is showing it all. Here is a screenshot of what I see in Google […]

Twitter Launches Integrity Replace in Community Notes to Deal with the Viral Unfold of Fake Photographs

After some famous cases of false images going viral on the web, last May 30th, Twitter launched a new update on Community Notestheir program to stimulate users to collaborate through notes in the tweets, adding integrity information in shared posts, and keeping people well informed. Before, let’s have a quick look at what is going […]

Microsoft Bing Clear Toggle Possibility For Some Photographs

Microsoft Bing Search sometimes will show a button to see what images look like with transparent backgrounds. It shows up for searches for some company logos, where it says “see which images have transparent backgrounds.” This can come in handy, especially when I want to drop logos on images, like the one above. Finding a […]

What’s in a Name – Positive Black Images

Home Business Magazine Online Meet Dexter R. Merritt Sr., the founder and CEO of Positive black imagesa fine art publishing and distribution company located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Dexter R. Merritt Sr. After graduating from college in 1985, Mr. Merritt left Mississippi and settled in Dallas, Texas for eight years. As is the case with many […]