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Google’s Overlapping Algorithm Updates, Product Evaluations Replace, Complicated HTTPS Report & Google Ads Serving Bug

In this week’s video, we cover how Google said they try not to overlap search algorithm updates but then announced the rollout of the fifth product reviews update before the core update was done. We also dug into the product reviews update and what we are seeing from it. There is a bug with Google […]

Confusion Over Google Search Console’s HTTPS Is Invalid And May Forestall It From Being Listed

Last week, Google rolled out a new Search Console report for HTTPS, and with that came a lot of confusion around a specific error. The error was “HTTPS is invalid and might prevent it from being indexed.” This shows in the URL inspection tool, which was part of this upgrade. John Mueller from Google did […]

Google Says HTTPS Is Not A Requirement To Rank In Google Search

Google’s John Mueller was asked if Google still ranks sites that are on HTTP (not over HTTPS), ie insecure sites. John said yes, being on HTTPS is not a requirement to rank in Google Search he explained. The question asked was “do you still RANK non-https sites in 2022?” John responded on Twitter saying, “Sure. […]