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A New Refresh Function Has Come to TikTookay’s ‘For You’ Feed

If you’re a frequent TikTok user, then you already know how addictive the “For You” feed can be when you’re looking to kill some time. While the “Following” feed is a terrific way to catch up with friends and preferred creators, “For You” is where avid TikTok users find new content to love, all recommended […]

Meet TikTok’s “heating” button, and the rationale for a lot buzz currently

TikTok’s For You Page was always known as a personalized algorithm feed, only based on user behavior. But is it, though? According to a recent investigation from Forbessix current and former employees of TikTok and its parent company, ByteDance, claim that this is not the whole story – and there are documents and communications that […]

How to Unlock and Use TikTookay’s Secret Emojis [FULL LIST]

TikTok is one of the most explosive social media apps on the market. And by now, you probably think you know everything there is to know about it. But hold onto your smartphone because this TikTok tip will blow your mind: TikTok has secret emojis! That’s right, there are 46 hidden images built into the […]

TikTok Meetup Barcelona 2022 – Do not Make Advertisements. Make Tiktok’s

June 22, 2022 – 1 min read Mobidea Academy is an Official Sponsor of the TikTok Meetup in Barcelona. At the TikTok Meetup, there will be educational sessions on the 2022 TikTok trends and strategies for affiliate marketing. Get a chance to network with marketers, professional media buyers, and content creators, and learn the ins […]

TikTok’s Testing a New ‘Tips’ Possibility for Chosen Creators

TikTok is trying out another new monetization option for YouTubers, with some users seeing a new one Tips tab in your TikTok settings. As you can see in this example posted by Jera Bean (and highlighted by Matt Navarre) Some Creators now have a Tips section in their Account Options to apply through for tips […]

How TikTok’s unorthodox promoting attracted social misfits and bizarre area of interest subcultures

A compilation of males crying carried out by @crying_tiktok_users | Instagram Textual content Measurement: A- A+ The preliminary heat reception in the direction of TikTok throughout varied Asian markets was extremely encouraging. It appeared Douyin’s success actually may very well be replicated globally. But the extra profitable TikTok turned in Asia, the extra consideration it […]

Do Reels Carry out Higher Than TikToks?

TikTok vs. Reels is among the nice rivalries of our time, very like Coke vs. Pepsi or BetaMax vs. VHS, or pants vs. culottes. Chances are you’ll be contemplating investing in Instagram Reels or Tiktok and questioning if you want to do each or simply give attention to one. However it’s so onerous to select […]