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Content Refresh: Increase Visitors With Updated Content

You’ve just checked the metrics on a piece you wrote a few weeks back and are horrified. Somehow, without you picking up on it, the impressions on that killer post you put together have dropped considerably. This leaves you with two options: Write more content to keep people coming to your website, or Refresh the […]

A New Refresh Function Has Come to TikTookay’s ‘For You’ Feed

If you’re a frequent TikTok user, then you already know how addictive the “For You” feed can be when you’re looking to kill some time. While the “Following” feed is a terrific way to catch up with friends and preferred creators, “For You” is where avid TikTok users find new content to love, all recommended […]

7 every day rituals that may refresh and rejuvenate you each single day | Health

World Mental Health Day 2022: Do you often wake up feeling dull and exhausted and the endless cups of tea and coffee only make your mood worse? You aren’t alone. The everyday stress builds up over a period of time and the excessive screentime combined with lack of quality sleep could literally play havoc with […]

Google Video on find out how to block CSS information, refresh sitemaps, delete RSS, and extra

Google’s John Mueller posted a two-minute video that answers four SEO-related questions about blocking CSS files, updating a sitemap, deleting RSS files, and getting a website back into Google search. Most of them are pretty straightforward SEO questions, so I think that’s why he answered them all in about two minutes. Here is the video: […]