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Reels Creators Angered Over Meta Revenue Share Funds Error

Meta’s facing new backlash from short-form video creators after its latest payment notifications for its Music Revenue Sharing program, which enables video creators to earn a share of in-stream ad revenue from their Reels on Facebook that contain licensed music, informed them of huge pending payout amounts, in error, which Meta has since been forced […]

We Answered All of Your Instagram Reels Audio Questions

The hills are alive with the sound of Instagram Reels audio. Reels are an essential component of mastering the art of Instagram in 2023, and audio is half of the equation (the other half, of course, is video). Read on for advice and strategies for awesome Instagram Reels audio, plus answers to frequently asked questions […]

158 Instagram Reels Hashtags to Develop Quick [Hashtag Generator]

To truly be a master of Instagram Reels, it takes more than just a deft touch with a filter. You’ve got to embrace the fine art of the hashtag, too. After all, you can have the very best video in the world — one with a trending audio clip, helpful editsa thought-provoking message, and a […]

How I’ve Grown a Six-Determine Service Enterprise Via Instagram Reels

I’ve wanted to work for myself for as long as I can remember. So, fresh out of college, I decided to start my own copywriting business. I kept my marketing simple at first, putting all the work I’ve ever done into a Google doc portfolio and posting the link on Facebook groups whenever someone mentioned […]

Instagram Will Now Permit Customers to Download Publicly Posted Reels Content material

After testing it out over the past few monthsInstagram’s now rolling out the option to download publicly posted Reels to your camera roll, which will provide another way to share Reels content. As per Instagram chief Adam Mosseri (on his Instagram channel): “In the US, we’re rolling out the ability to download reels shared by […]

Instagram CEO Feedback On How The Platform’s Feed, Reels and Stories Algorithm Works

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri published on the social network’s blog and in a Video on his personal account, updates and an overview of how algorithms work on Instagram, which can help us better understand how to optimize the results and reach of content in the app’s feed, and also in Stories and Reels. Mosseri shared […]

11 Concepts for Your Instagram Reels in 2023

It’s no secret that Instagram prioritizes reels over any other type of content on its app. But when you’re used to posting pictures, carousels, and short stories, it might be hard to get into the groove of constantly creating short-form video content that feels true to your audience. So, if you’re stuck, we’ve put together […]

Instagram Expands Gifts for Reels Creators to All Creators within the US

After initially testing the option last NovemberInstagram has today announced that all eligible Reels creators in the US will now be able to accept virtual gifts from their fans via a button on their clips. As you can see in this overview, Reels viewers will be able to purchase virtual gifts in-stream, at varying cash […]

Why Can’t I Boost My Reels? 10 Troubleshooting Suggestions

Having trouble boosting your Instagram Reels? You’ve come to the right place. Boosting Instagram Reels is supposed to be super easy, whether you’re doing it on the Instagram app or via a social media management dashboard. But the truth is, there are plenty of problems that can come up along the way. If you’ve ever […]

How To Make an Instagram Reels Cowl That Pops [Templates]

looking to create an Instagram Reels cover that really pops? You’re in the right place! Crafting the perfect cover for your reel is essential to drawing in viewers and keeping them engaged with your content. Not only will a great cover help your reels stand out, but it will also give your followers an idea […]