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11 Concepts for Your Instagram Reels in 2023

It’s no secret that Instagram prioritizes reels over any other type of content on its app. But when you’re used to posting pictures, carousels, and short stories, it might be hard to get into the groove of constantly creating short-form video content that feels true to your audience. So, if you’re stuck, we’ve put together […]

Instagram Expands Gifts for Reels Creators to All Creators within the US

After initially testing the option last NovemberInstagram has today announced that all eligible Reels creators in the US will now be able to accept virtual gifts from their fans via a button on their clips. As you can see in this overview, Reels viewers will be able to purchase virtual gifts in-stream, at varying cash […]

Why Can’t I Boost My Reels? 10 Troubleshooting Suggestions

Having trouble boosting your Instagram Reels? You’ve come to the right place. Boosting Instagram Reels is supposed to be super easy, whether you’re doing it on the Instagram app or via a social media management dashboard. But the truth is, there are plenty of problems that can come up along the way. If you’ve ever […]

How To Make an Instagram Reels Cowl That Pops [Templates]

looking to create an Instagram Reels cover that really pops? You’re in the right place! Crafting the perfect cover for your reel is essential to drawing in viewers and keeping them engaged with your content. Not only will a great cover help your reels stand out, but it will also give your followers an idea […]

Instagram Shares New Tips about How one can Use Instagram Reels for Advertising

This could be a big help if you’re looking to incorporate Reels into your Instagram strategy this holiday shopping season. As part of it new series of updated how-to guidesInstagram has also launched a new, 23-page overview of how brands can use Instagram Reels for promotion and community building, which includes a range of key […]

Does Turning Stories Into Reels Truly Work?

Much like Gretchen desperately attempted to get “Fetch” going in Mean Girls, Instagram is obsessed with trying to make Reels happen. Instagram has rewarded Reels users with an algorithm boostprioritized Reels on feeds and the explore page, and now, the platform has started what is essentially a recycling program, allowing users to easily repurpose Instagram […]

Introducing Instagram Reels Auto-Publishing in Buffer

It’s finally here. Yesterday, after two years of waiting, Instagram unveiled its Reels API to all social media management platforms. We were so excited we started building immediately and now … Today, drafting, scheduling, and auto-publishing Instagram Reels are now available in Buffer. Want to try it out? Connect your Instagram account to Buffer, for […]

How to Schedule Reels in 5 Steps [SECRET HACK]

Instagram reels have taken over as the fastest growing feature on the IG app. In fact, the average Instagram user spends 30 minutes per day watching reels. And while Reels are a great way to share a quick video update with your followers, it can be difficult to record and edit a new video every […]

15 Distinctive Instagram Reels Concepts for Your Enterprise

When it first came out, people dismissed Instagram Reels as a tik tok ripoff. Since its introduction, though, the powerful tool has proven to have some serious brand power. That’s because unlike disappearing Instagram Stories, Reels stick around. The content you create will live in your account’s Reels tab for…well, as long as you want. […]

24 Instagram Reels Stats That May Shock You

Instagram has long been the go-to social channel for sharing photo content with a dedicated audience. Who remembers adding the Amaro filter to literally all their early photo content? We do, and we see you. However, in 2021, Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram, announced that the platform was shifting its focus from solely being […]