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Google Says There Is No Helpful Content material Rating Or Threshold

Google’s John Mueller said there is no score or threshold for the Google helpful content update. He said on mastodon“There is no “HCS score” or threshold at which HCS [helpful content score] would switch from unhelpful to helpful for SEO. This should surprise no one, as this is similar messaging Google had about SEO compliance […]

The Unusual Motive I Preserve Posting My Wordle Rating On Facebook

In this photo, taken in Krakow in Poland, you can see Wordle on a screen of a mobile phone. … [+]On January 23, 2022. (Photo taken by Jakub porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images). NurPhoto via Getty Images Why is it that we do what we do? For me, it’s a continual mystery. I am often surrounded […]

Google says there isn’t any distinction in website positioning rating between nofollow, UGC, or sponsored hyperlink attributes

Google’s John Mueller confirmed what I think has already been said that there is no difference in terms of SEO value between the three link attributes. Google supports nofollow as well as UGC and sponsored link attributes. In terms of the difference in SEO score, there is no such thing, they all do the same […]

Asokay SCORE: Professionals and cons of area of interest advertising | Enterprise Information

QUESTION: I have attended several sales seminars on niche marketing. In your opinion, what are the major advantages and disadvantages of this marketing approach? ANSWER: In a nutshell, a niche market is a particular segment of a larger industry group. A major disadvantage is that it might be too small and, as such, can limit […]