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Non-Supported Rel Hyperlink Attributes Do Nothing With Google Search

The other day, John Mueller of Google tweeted something true but sarcastic and it seems some took it the wrong way. He said In case you’re curious, the rel=dofollow works on links. The thing is, it could have been any rel attribute, such as rel=cheese and it would be treated the same as rel=dofollow, Google […]

Google Bard Will not Hyperlink To Sources Too Typically

As you know, we’ve been playing with Google bardit just started to roll out a couple of days ago. Early on, we were disappointed thus far with how limited it seemed and more so, how it rarely linked to sources and content creators. Now, Google got back to us on why this is the case. […]

A Marketer’s Secret Weapon to Link Cloaking

Advertisement Have you ever invested your hard-earned money into ads for Google or Facebook, only to have your account banned from the platform thanks to a landing page that didn’t meet their standards? Or worse yet, have you had your best landing pages ripped off by competitors thanks to spies discovering your ads? If any […]

Google Double Downs On Not Utilizing Hyperlink Disavow Information

Not too long ago, John Mueller from Google blasted an agency for using a disavow file and now he is doubling down on that, adding on Twitter in response to disavow link services, saying, “Some people do things that they can bill, regardless of whether it’s needed or makes sense.” Recently, Gary Illyes from Google […]

Large Google Search Replace, Google Ads Bug, New Hyperlink Greatest Practices & Extra On Bing AI Search

What a week, we had another big unconfirmed Google search ranking algorithm update. Google Ads had a pretty massive bug with campaign disapprovals and suspensions. Google published a new SEO link best practices. Google has implied its guidelines on policy circumvention for web spam. Google organized its sitemaps documentation. Bug publishers are super concerned with […]

Google Publishes Detailed website positioning Link Best Practices

Google has published a new, or vastly revamped, document on SEO link best practices. The previous document was just on how to make your links crawlable but the new one adds tips on anchor text placements, how to write good anchor text, internal links within your content and external links from other sites. As a […]

Useful Content material & Hyperlink Spam Replace Completed, website positioning, Search Console & Extra

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Does Google Conduct Hyperlink Shopping for Sting Operations

A Reddit thread asks if Google engages in link-buying sting operations where they will pretend to want to buy a link and then use that to penalize the network. John Mueller of Google responded by saying, “I get sent offers all the time to an official Google email address.” That means Google does not need […]

Google’s Helpful Content & Link Spam Updates Accomplished Rolling Out On January 12, 2023

After a long slow, and paused rollout, Google has said that both the December 2022 helpful content update other December 2022 link spam update are now both done rolling out. Google said both completed rolling out on Thursday, January 12, 2023. The December 2022 helpful content update started on December 5, 2022, and was completed […]

Google Useful Content material & Hyperlink Spam Updates Executed, Linking To Sellers, AI Content material & Apple Business Join

This week, the December 2022 Google helpful content update and link spam updates are finally complete after a long, long wait. There was a lot of movement on Wednesday, January 11th or so. Google said rolling out algorithm updates are sometimes like planting seeds in a garden. Google said linking to multiple sellers may give […]