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Google’s Things To Know Search Characteristic Again In Desktop Outcomes

About two weeks ago, Google stopped showing the Things To Know box in the desktop search results but don’t fret, it seems to be back now. RankRanger’s tracker tool spotted that the Things To Know box has returned to normal levels within Google Search. Here is the chart from RankRanger showing it is now back […]

Google Top Stories Topics Sections On Desktop

Google Search is now grouping some of its Top Stories sections for some queries by topics. This was working on mobile for a while but is now reportedly working for the desktop Top Stories Google Search results. Here is a screenshot for a query on [biden] where Google Search on desktop is showing a topic […]

YouTube’s Transferring the Placement of Video Feedback on Desktop

YouTube is changing the way that video comments are displayed on desktop, with a new ‘teaser’ type presentation, which will show a single comment below the clip. When expanded, however, the new desktop comments stream will soon open to the right of the playback window, as opposed to expanding below. Right now, on mobile, YouTube […]

Google Search Console Efficiency Experiences Logs Extra Desktop Options

Google Search Console’s performance report starting on May 13, 2022 now logs impressions for additional desktop features. One example Google gave was “top stories.” Google said you may see an increase in your desktop impressions when you filter by Good Page Experience in the search appearance filter. But honestly, this just does not make much […]

Google To Carry Signed Exchanges To Desktop Search

In the coming weeks, Google Search for desktop will soon support signed exchanges for some sites. Sites serving different HTML based on the user-agent header (ie using dynamic serving) will need to opt out by adding a meta tag to your page. Signed exchanges (SXG) allow Google Search to prefetch your content while preserving the […]

Google Search With Larger Pictures Once more On Desktop Outcomes

Google Search is testing displaying much larger images again in the desktop search results. Here is a comparison of the normal image thumbnails in the desktop search results compared to the larger images in the desktop search results. Normal: Larger: This was spotted by Punit on Twitter the other day. Punit also said that Google […]

Google Page Experience Update For Desktop Is Completed Rolling Out

That is a wrap – the Google page experience update for desktop is now fully rolled out – as of yesterday, March 3rd. If you are counting, that is a 9-day roll out, which began on February 22nd and ended on March 3rd. Here is the tweet announcing it is done rolling out: The page […]

Google Web page Expertise Desktop Replace Reside, Search Console Errors, IndexNow Rising, Native Map Interactive & Adverts Paused In Russia

This week in search, I reported how the Google page experience update for desktop has been fully rolled out. I also posted my monthly Google webmaster recap, for you all to check out and catch up with. Google Search Console’s URL Inspection tool is erroring out for some folks. Alan Kent from Google said no […]

Google Web page Expertise Replace For Desktop, Shopping Expertise Scorecard, Stronger Pirate Replace & Google Ads Latency

This week was packed with algorithm and ranking topics but not the typical unconfirmed Google updates. We had Google officially begin rolling out the desktop version of the page experience update, it will take several weeks to fully rollout. I am also seeing an unconfirmed update start to roll out yesterday into today. Google quietly […]

Google Search Updates, High Tales Deduplication, Crawl Spikes, and Desktop Page Experience Report

In this show we have everything for you from creepy crawlies to blood sucking vampires and walking zombies. First, we’ve had a couple of unconfirmed updates to Google’s search algorithm this week, one last weekend, the second on Monday, and the third on Wednesday and Thursday. Google said they don’t release algorithm updates specifically ahead […]