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Google Video Structured Information No Longer Requires Descriptions

Google updated the video structured data to say that the description property is no longer required. Instead, Google moved the description property item to the “recommended” sectionfrom the “required” section of the help document. This means that videos that were missing the description property within your structured data are now valid. Google Search Console will […]

Google Releases Updates on Article Structured Data

Google has updated documentation for Article Structured Data covering Article, NewsArticle, and BlogPosting. This update is intended to make the title property more compliant with guidance on title elements and title links. Let’s better understand what this update is and how it impacts marketing strategies. What Is Article Structured Data? Structured data is a standardized […]

Google Removes 110 Character Restrict From Article Headline Structured Information

Google has updated the article structured data help documentation by removing the 110-character limit from the headline properties. It now says, “Consider using a concise title, as long titles may be truncated on some devices.” Previously, as you can see in the Wayback Machine archives it said for the headline property on the article structure […]

Google Added GTIN12 Property To Product Structured Information

Google has the gtin12 property to the Google product structured data documentation in its help center. Note, the gtin12 property was always supported but Google just didn’t have it in the documentation until today. Google also clarified that you can use the generic gtin property for all GTINs, but Google said it recommends that you […]

Google Clarifies Product Structured Information GTIN Values ​​Should Be In Numerical Form

Google has updated its product structured data document to specify that the GTIN value must be presented is in numerical form. Google said it does not support the URL form for GTINs. You can see the update in this location of this Google help document where Google added “Make sure the GTIN value is in […]

Google Provides New Creator Markup Greatest Practices For Article Structured Information

Google has posted a whole new section in the article structured data documentation for author markup best practices. These new best practices can help you communicate to Google the correct author details for your articles. The new guidelines can be found here and say “To help Google best understand and represent the author of the […]

Google Shows Out Of Stock For Items Utilizing Back Order Worth In Structured Information

Did you know that Google shows “out of stock” for items you label with the value of back ordered in your structured data for products? Some feel it should say back ordered and not out of stock, but I am not too sure if there is much of a difference? Brian Freiesleben posted about this […]

The Past, Present and Future Of Structured Data With Google Search

Lizzi Sassman and Martin Splitt brought on a special Google guest on their Google search off the record podcast to discuss structured data. The guest is named Ryan Levering who has been with Google for over 11 years working on structured data. Structured Data Past At Google In short, Ryan Levering explained that when he […]

Google Structured Knowledge Error Reporting Will get Extra Descriptive Names

Google today has rolled out more specific, descriptive and contextually helpful names for the structured data error reporting it shows in Google Search Console rich result status reports, the Google Search Console URL inspection tool and Rich Results test. As Daniel Waisberg of Google clarified on Twitter “Don’t panic! It’s just a change of names.” […]

POSTD Merchant Banque Carves Area of interest As Lead Arranger In Structured and Trade Finance Industries

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — POSTD Merchant Banque (OTC: PMBY) (“the Company”), is a mandated lead arranger for corporate to bank structured and trade financial transactions. The lead arranger, or the mandated lead arranger (MLA), is the investment bank or underwriter firm that facilitates and leads a group of investors in a […]