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Google Removes 110 Character Restrict From Article Headline Structured Information

Google has updated the article structured data help documentation by removing the 110-character limit from the headline properties. It now says, “Consider using a concise title, as long titles may be truncated on some devices.” Previously, as you can see in the Wayback Machine archives it said for the headline property on the article structure […]

Google Has No Documented Restrict For Size Of Web site Title In Search

Google has no documented limit on the number of characters for the new site name as listed in Google Search. In fact, the documentation says “There’s no limit to how long a site name can be” but Google does recommend being concise with the name. Google also said that the site name can be trimmed […]

Google Sitemap 50,000 Restrict Primarily based On Location URLs, Not Various URLs

We know that each XML sitemap file can contain a maximum of 50,000 URLs but what is counted as the 50,000 URLs? John Mueller was asked if Google counts both the location URL and the alternative URL in the 50,000 limits. John said on Twitter it is just the location URL. As Google ,“All formats […]

Meta Provides ‘Personal Boundary’ Zones in VR to Restrict Harassing Conduct

It’s disappointing, but one thing that you can always be certain of with any socially-aligned technology is that some people are going to use it to harass and abuse others, in any way that they can. Most recently, that’s come up in virtual reality, with various incidents of women being attacked in Meta’s evolving VR […]