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Every little thing You Have to Know About TikTook Carousels

An image (or 35) speaks a thousand words. Swiping through a well-made carousel is one of the few pleasures on social media, and TikTok’s is no exception. Even better, the TikTok algorithm seems to have a knack for recommending the perfect carousel, making it a breeze to navigate through the end of your recommendations. Carousels […]

I Posted LinkedIn Carousels for a Week – Here is What Occurred

In our article on the best type of content to post per platform, we discovered something interesting: LinkedIn carousels get the third highest engagement after videos and images. Perhaps more interestingly, we also discovered that LinkedIn is the social media channel where we saw the smallest difference between the various media types. For example, video […]

Google Provides Structured Information Carousels Beta Documentation

Google has added new structured data carousel beta documentation, also known as host carousel. Google wrote that this is “a new carousel rich result that’s in beta, which is a list-like rich result that people can scroll horizontally to see more entities from a given site (also known as a host carousel).” The new documentation […]

Google Shopping Carousels Dynamically Changes Merchandise Under

Google has these latest styles and shop the look carousels for some clothing queries. Now when you swipe through the carousel, Google will dynamically change the products listed below them. Khushal Bherwani spotted this and posted a video on X of the “latest styles” carousel changing the “shop the trend” products below it as you […]

Google SGE Testing Eradicating Side Carousels

Google seems to be testing removing the side carousel in the SGE, Search Generative Experience, interface. The side carousel generally shows the card answers on the right side of the desktop SGE results. It seems Google is testing not showing those cards on the side panel. This was spotted by Jakub Landa, Bartosz Goralewicz pinged […]

Mark Huntley’s Insights: Entertainment search engine marketing within the New Era – Optimizing for Top Stories and Tweet Carousels

Mark Huntley’s Insights: Entertainment SEO in the New Era – Optimizing for Top Stories and Tweet Carousels In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, the entertainment and media industry faces unique challenges and opportunities, especially when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). With Google’s SERP features continuously adapting, staying ahead requires not just awareness […]

LinkedIn Removes Native Carousels, Profile Movies and In-Picture Hyperlinks

It’s the Friday before a long weekend, which means that it’s time for companies to drop their latest bad news, and LinkedIn has used the opportunity to quietly phase out a couple of creator featuresincluding carousel posts, profile videos, and its in-image linking option. LinkedIn has sent a letter to creators with a brief explanation […]

Google Testing Snippets With Expandable Local Related Carousels

Google is testing a search result snippet that shows an expandable drop down menus under the snippet that contains weather, hotels, restaurants, visual stories, events and more. When you click on these expandable menus, you get carousels of search results for those types of search features. This was spotted by Khushal Bherwani and posted on […]

Do Instagram Carousels Get Extra Engagement?

We recently launched direct Instagram carousels scheduling in Buffer. Now you can scheduled carousel posts to be published automatically in Instagram—no need for reminders. Buffer customers have been asking for carousel direct scheduling for a while (it was the most requested feature in our last customer survey), and we’re not surprised! There’s lots of evidence […]

Google Local Search grouping, carousels & labels rely

Google has pushed the limits of its user interfaces in local search results in web search and some other filters. I don’t know or even think this was introduced lately, but I think this was introduced in 2021. In short, Google’s local search results group things more together, use more carousels, and even offer filters […]