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Jeff Ferguson On Points With search engine optimisation Research & Rating Issue Research

In part one, we go through Jeff Ferguson’s long history in search marketing. In part two, we pick up with him starting his own agency. Then in part three we talk about the state of SEO studies. In short, he goes off on his rant on SEO studies done on ranking factors and other areas. […]

Google Say Most Widespread Cause For Blocking Googlebot Are Firewalls or CDNs Points

Gary Illyes from Google posted a new PSA on LinkedIn saying that the most common reason a site unexpectedly blocks Googlebot from crawling is due to a misconfiguration of a firewall or CDN. Gary wrote, “check what traffic your firewalls and CDN are blocking.” “By far the most common issue in my inbox is related […]

Google Search Apologizes For Ongoing Points With Search Outcomes In Most popular Language

Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, posted a message on Twitter and other social networks, apologizing for the ongoing issues and complaints with Google showing the preferred language in the search results. Google said the issue seems to be from mobile sites not being properly configured and Google’s mobile-first indexing being more widespread. Google said, “We […]

Google Search Console Video Indexing Report Updates Missing Thumbnail Points

As of January 19, 2023, Google has updated the video indexing report in Google Search Console, which now reports on thumbnail indexing issues more accurately. The result may be that you see reassignment of “Missing thumbnail” issues to more specific issue types, Google said. Google posted this on the data anomalies page and wrote, “Search […]

Matt Cutts Fought With Sergey Brin & Larry Page Over Google Search Spam Points

Some of you may know that in the early days of Google, Google’s co-founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page would say Google Search was immune to search spam. Matt Cutts, the former Google search spam lead, said recently on Hacker News that he actually had to fight with the co-founders to prove that Google was […]

Twitter Various Mastodon Has Safety Points

In this illustration, the Twitter logo and Mastodon app logos can be seen on Warsaw’s 12th of December. … [+] November, 2022. Mastodon is an open-source, decentralized network. It doesn’t have any ads or algorithm and does not sell user data. Since Musk’s takeover of Twitter, Mastodon has seen hundreds of thousands of people join […]

Google Says Work On The Bigger website positioning Points Earlier than The One Off Points

Google’s John Mueller recommended the obvious (as I write this I am asking myself why write it but hey, sometimes the obvious needs to be reminded). If you have SEO work to do, do the work that is a larger problem before you do the smaller ones, like the one-offs. John Mueller of Google wrote […]

Google Ads Continued Latency Issues

Google Ads continues to suffer from ongoing latency issues – mostly from the Google Ads console. This is the place advertisers go in and manage their ads. It has become a joke about how the console can slow down and become almost unusable. Just last night, Google posted a confirmed issue in the Google Ads […]

What Google Considers High quality Issues: Issues Customers Think about Problematic

Google’s John Mueller explained what he would consider being a search quality issue, causing ranking issues specific to Google considering the site not “quality.” John said on Twitter “to me, quality issues are things that users would consider to be problematic.” He added that technical issues that users do not see likely would not be […]

Helpful Content Update, Product Opinions Update, Indexing Points & Extra

I am a week late with the monthly Google webmaster report because I was on vacation and these are a pain to put together. But it is important and I wanted to catch you all up on the changes with Google SEO, webmaster, and organic search over the past month. The big news is obviously […]