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GoDaddy Rep Stated AdSense & Analytics Improves Google Indexing, It Does Not

An individual chat support representative at GoDaddy told a knowledgeable SEO that adding Google AdSense and/or Google Analytics help with getting your content indexed by Google. John Mueller of Google said that was not true, and that someone should communicate that to the GoDaddy rep. John Mueller responded to that statement saying “They’re wrong – […]

Helpful Content Update, Product Opinions Update, Indexing Points & Extra

I am a week late with the monthly Google webmaster report because I was on vacation and these are a pain to put together. But it is important and I wanted to catch you all up on the changes with Google SEO, webmaster, and organic search over the past month. The big news is obviously […]

Google Product Reviews Replace Carried out, Blogger website positioning Greatest Practices, Cell-First Indexing Alive, website positioning Rants & A lot Extra

Shockingly, Google finished rolling out the Google product reviews update on August 2nd and didn’t even tell us on social. We are seeing some volatility and fluctuations in Google Search may be due to the Google Product Reviews update starting late last Friday and the tools noticed it on Wednesday but that was after it […]

Google Bugs With Indexing, Ads, Analytics, & Extra, Individuals Additionally Ask Again, Automated Messaging, Overview Scams and Extra

Google had plenty of bugs, some really big ones, this week including not indexing new content for a day in Google Search. Note, there were rumblings of a Google algorithm update shortly after the indexing bug, but it might be related. Google Ads, Analytics, AdSense, and so on all had not just one outage, but […]

Saturday, July sixteenth Google Search Algorithm Replace Or Associated To July fifteenth Indexing Challenge

As many of you know, there was a pretty massive one indexing issue impacting new content in Google Search most of Friday, July 15th, but that was pretty much isolated to that Friday. Now, I am seeing signals of a Google search ranking algorithm update on Saturday, July 16th. Are the two related? It is […]

Google Search Indexing Challenge July fifteenth. Google Not Indexing New Content material Once more.

There is a confirmed indexing issue in Google Search prior to 7 am ET this morning. None of the articles I posted this morning on this site are showing yet in Google Search, even when I search for it by the exact title or do a site command. Google is not indexing new, freshly published, […]

Google Begins Testing Video Web page Indexing In Search Console

At Google I/O we caught a super early glimpse of the video page indexing report. Well, now some of those who are part of the beta group in Google Search Console are seeing the report in their Search Console profiles. Kevin Monier posted on Twitter that he is seeing the report in his Search Console […]

Google Says You Don’t Have To Resubmit Your Web page For Indexing Every Time You Replace It

Google’s John Mueller said when it comes to reindexing and resubmitting your web pages to Google Search – Google does it on its own. You do not need to resubmit your pages each time you update the content, Google will figure it out. Of course, if you want to, you can, using the URL inspection […]

Google Search Console Video Web page Indexing Report

At Google I/O yesterday, Google announced a new report coming to Google Search Console named the video page indexing report. This report will be available under the index section in Search Console and will show you a summary of all the video pages Google found while crawling and indexing your web site. This was quickly […]

Survey Says SEOs Actually Need Featured Snippet & Indexing Protection API In Google Search Console

A poll on Twitter by Brodie Clark shows that SEOs really do want both a featured snippets filter in the performance reports in Google Search Console and also an index coverage API. The poll also has a number of other requests but those are by far the most requested because those were specifically called out. […]