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How to Choose the Best Auto Repair Shop for Your Needs

How to Choose the Best Auto Repair Shop for Your Needs Having to take your car to the auto repair shop can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. It’s important to choose the best auto repair shop that can provide you with the best service to ensure that your car is in good condition. With […]

Eight Recent Trends and Innovations within the Auto Transport Industry

Home Business Magazine Online Since the technological revolution, innovations in the auto transport industry have been fast-paced. The resulting trends have made the industry safer and more profitable, with high growth potential. So, how much has the auto industry grown? In the nineteenth century, rail was the primary means of transportation for automobiles. This form […]

Google Useful Content Replace Reside, Search Console Information, Google Ads Local Campaigns Auto Upgrades

Google has begun rolling out the helpful content update on Thursday, August 25th. Many SEOs say they are not concerned about this update. Google also seemed to release some sort of update on August 24th. Google Search Console’s video indexing report is now live for all. Google said it will deprecate the international targeting report […]

Google Auto Information Panel Labels Hybrid & Electrical Automobiles With Inexperienced Font

Google Search has a knowledge panel for automobile and car related searches. If you search for a vehicle where there is an electric and/or hybrid option available, Google will say “hybrid available” and put that font in green. This was spotted by Melissa Fach who said on Twitter “Haven’t seen this in KPs before – […]

How to Successfully Run an Auto Repair Shop

Home Business Magazine Online Do you love to repair cars at an auto repair shop? Are you enthusiastic about the automotive industry? If the answers to these questions are both yes, it is possible to consider setting up your own auto repair shop. Auto repair businesses, if done properly, hold a lot of potential. The […]

Google requires each product and auto markup for opinions in Google Search

Google has updated its Structured Product Data help docs to state that you need both the product and the car structured so that Google can show ratings and review snippets when searching car search results. Google said: “Currently, the car is not automatically supported as a subtype of the product.” “So for now, if you […]

Twitter Provides Auto Captions for All Video Uploads in Tweets

This is a sneaky big addition – today Twitter has it announced that automatic subtitles are enabled for all videos uploaded in tweets, which gives users more options to consume video content in the app. Where are video subtitles when you need them? You are now automatically here for videos that are uploaded starting today. […]

TikTok Publishes New Playbook for Auto Entrepreneurs within the App, Including a Vary of Normal Advert Ideas

TikTok can be good at inspiring new meme trends and promoting the latest music. But can it also help auto marketers sell cars? Are TikTok users open to automatic ads and looking for car-related content in the app? As it turns out, based on the latest knowledge gained in a new, 33-page “Auto Playbook 101” […]