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Google Rating Volatility, Tons Of Google Bugs, Most Learn Articles, Bing Deep Search & High quality & SEOs Not Loving Google

We had two periods of Google Search ranking volatility this week, one last weekend and one on Thursday or so. Google court documents say search quality has improved and not degraded. Google dropped the see more results in the local panel this week for a period of time until it fixed that bug. Google also […]

Google Search Indexing Points, Recipe Bugs, INP CWV, Storm Coming & Extra Search Information

This week, we covered another Google Search indexing issue, plus this ongoing issue with recipes in the Google Search results. I suspect we will soon have a very big Google Search ranking update – a storm is coming. The cache link is gone, and Google told us yesterday that the cache functionality will fully disappear […]

How We Squashed 44 Bugs in One Week

Buffer, as a company, closes the last week of the year every year, and historically, as an engineering team, we’d do a code freeze for the week before we’re closed so nothing broke heading into the holidays. (Pretty smart of us.)  This year, we did something different, and it still worked out. We used the […]

Google Core & Evaluations Replace Not Finished, Google Simple Search, Date Points, Search Console Report Bugs, Follower Counts & Extra

This week was much slower than the previous weeks, and yes, the core and reviews updates are not yet completed, and Google has no estimate for us on when they will be completed. Google seems to be testing a “Simple Search” feature. Google may still be getting the dates it shows for some search results […]

Google Algorithms, SGE Hyperlinks, Search Console, Bugs, search engine marketing, AI & Extra

The content at the Search Engine Roundtable are the sole opinion of the authors and in no way reflect views of RustyBrick ®, IncCopyright © 1994-2023 RustyBrick ®, Inc. Web Development All Rights Reserved.This work by Search Engine Roundtable is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License. Creative Commons License and YouTube […]

Google SGE Goes Dwell, Bing Chat Hyperlinks & Analytics, Search Console Bugs & Extra

I posted the monthly Google webmaster report for June and as you can imagine, it was a big month. Google launched the Search Generative Experience for some. We posted some of the early complaints on SGE; it is missing the result count, there is very little personalization, and the experiment ends in December 2023. Google […]

Google Algorithm Replace Perhaps, Search Console Bugs & Mess, Google On AI Content material, Google Ads Will get Buggy & Extra

We had yet another biggish unconfirmed Google search ranking algorithm update on November 4th and 5th. Google also removed the annotation about the search features bug and added a Discover performance report bug to the list. The Google Search Console API is delayed a bit. Google spoke more about AI content, it is content by […]

Google Bugs With Indexing, Ads, Analytics, & Extra, Individuals Additionally Ask Again, Automated Messaging, Overview Scams and Extra

Google had plenty of bugs, some really big ones, this week including not indexing new content for a day in Google Search. Note, there were rumblings of a Google algorithm update shortly after the indexing bug, but it might be related. Google Ads, Analytics, AdSense, and so on all had not just one outage, but […]

Google Search Volatility, Google SpamBrain & Spam Report, Google Search Exams & Analytics Bugs

Before I start, just a reminder, this was pre-recorded and schedules to go live as I am offline today for Passover. That being said, it was a busy week with a lot of Google search ranking volatility this week, both on April 18th and April 21st or so. Google published its 2021 web spam report […]

Google Algorithm Weirdness, Google Analytics 3 Going Away, Google Native Evaluate Bugs & Extra

This week, I covered a possible Google update that ticked off a week ago, but it was weird, the tools didn’t pick up on it. Google announced it is sunsetting Google Analytics Universal Analytics in 2023 and you will need to start using Google Analytics 4. Google said it won’t encourage people to switch to […]