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Google Say Most Widespread Cause For Blocking Googlebot Are Firewalls or CDNs Points

Gary Illyes from Google posted a new PSA on LinkedIn saying that the most common reason a site unexpectedly blocks Googlebot from crawling is due to a misconfiguration of a firewall or CDN. Gary wrote, “check what traffic your firewalls and CDN are blocking.” “By far the most common issue in my inbox is related […]

Google AdSense Features First Occasion Cookie Personalization & New Blocking Controls

Google AdSense has announced support for personalization with first-party cookies and also new improvements to the blocking controls navigation. First party cookies for personalization Google AdSense now supports personalization with first-party cookies. Google wrote “First-party cookies for personalization help to show personalized ads to your users when third-party cookies aren’t available, which may increase your […]

LinkedIn Causes Polemic In Brazil For Blocking Affirmative Job Posts

It’s hard to think that year after year we need to go back to the debate the validity of affirmative actions that aim at the inclusion of socially underrepresented groups in workspaces. The hot topic at the moment involves the professional social network, LinkedIn. The company, which has more than 740 million users and is […]