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Google Mars House Workplace Design At Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Did you know that the Google office in Belo Horizonte, Brazil has a room that looks to me designed to look like planet Mars? I could be wrong but look at the volcanic rock-like carpets and bubble thing hanging from the ceiling. This was posted by Google’s Daniel Waisberg from the Search Central Live Belo […]

Professional-Bolsonaro Violence In Brazil Was Introduced On By Social Media – Might Platform Inmotion Threaten Democracy?

BRASILIA BRAZIL JANUARY 08: Security forces clash with supporters of the former President Jair Bolsonaro … [+]forces break into Planalto Palace, raid Supreme Court in Brasilia. 08/01/2023. According to local media, protestors shouting for army intervention broke through the barrier of the police and gained entry into the Congress building. To disperse the pro-Bolsonaro demonstrators, […]

LinkedIn Causes Polemic In Brazil For Blocking Affirmative Job Posts

It’s hard to think that year after year we need to go back to the debate the validity of affirmative actions that aim at the inclusion of socially underrepresented groups in workspaces. The hot topic at the moment involves the professional social network, LinkedIn. The company, which has more than 740 million users and is […]

Partnerships Are Key to Niche Markets in Brazil

‘Niche’ is generally associated with higher entry barriers, especially when a company is trying to enter a segment with technology-driven products. Specialty pharmaceutical companies have done very well in entering larger markets like the US, EU, Russia and even Japan; the one thing common to their success in these markets is the partnerships they have […]