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Google Search App Testing Search Bar At Bottom Of Display screen

Google is testing placing the search bar at the bottom of the Google Search App. This might be an Android only test right now, but some users are noticing that the search bar is no longer at the top of the screen, but instead at the bottom. Eric Heiken sent me a screenshot of this […]

From Page to Screen: The Evolution of Anime Adaptations

From Page to Screen: The Evolution of Anime Adaptations The transformation of anime from printed manga pages to vibrant screen animations has always been a topic of intrigue. With the surge of digital platforms, anime adaptations have gained significant momentum, making them the centerpiece of global entertainment. For instance, sites like Alltheragefaces.com have tracked and […]

Google Search Console Updates Page Experience Overview Display screen

Google seems to have redesigned the page experience overview report within Google Search Console. The overview screen now looks more like a basic informational screen with a lot less data on it than the original version. This is part of the page experience report changes that we were expecting. Here is a screenshot of the […]

Publicity to display mild could cause insomnia – Optometrists

An optometrist and chief consultant at Access One Eye Centre in Lagos, Abraham Omeh and an intern optometrist, Prisca Ikechukwu, have warned that a high-level exposure to blue light from screen devices will lead to eye strain and insomnia. In an interview with our correspondent, Omeh, cautioned that a prolonged stare at the screen could […]

Much less display time, extra household time? These holidays for youngsters are a mum or dad’s greatest pal

If you’re looking to make your family holiday more than just a beach break, check out Black Tomato’s new ‘Field Trips’ collection. Aimed at inspiring the next generation by engaging them with experts in real world scenarios, ‘Field Trips’ has eight different subjects to choose from: Sustainability, The Arts, Earth Sciences, History, STEM, Social Sciences, […]