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Pal or Foe? Unveiling the 2024 Panorama [New Data]

It is undeniable that generative AI is a reality in many professional fields and is present in the daily activities of millions. When it comes to marketing, AI brings excitement and concerns; nonetheless, most marketers employ AI tools to support their tasks, from ideation and creation to data analysis and more.  HubSpot, Litmus, Rock Content, […]

Much less display time, extra household time? These holidays for youngsters are a mum or dad’s greatest pal

If you’re looking to make your family holiday more than just a beach break, check out Black Tomato’s new ‘Field Trips’ collection. Aimed at inspiring the next generation by engaging them with experts in real world scenarios, ‘Field Trips’ has eight different subjects to choose from: Sustainability, The Arts, Earth Sciences, History, STEM, Social Sciences, […]