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Google Advertisements Provides New Advertisements & Reporting Insights For Holidays

Google announced several new features for the upcoming holiday season; yea, it is coming… These features include Customer Acquisition with High Value optimization, local ad changes, new product reporting, and more visibility for your Google shipping ads. (1) Customer Acquisition with High Value optimization: For those using online sales goals for Performance Max campaigns, advertisers […]

Google Useful Content material Replace & Hyperlink Spam Replace Delayed Rollout As a result of Of Holidays

Google officially confirmed that the helpful content update needs more time to roll out, but now the link spam update is also past the two-week mark, and it is not done rolling out yet either. John Mueller of Google said these updates may take longer to complete due to the “holidays” and “for safety reasons.” […]

Holidays Treats And Meals That Social Media Customers Simply Love

View from the top of the family member’s hands holding dishes with their homemade foods and desserts, while they serve. … [+]Festive table set up before Christmas dinner getty The holiday season is here, that means it’s time to party. Social media is a great place to find these recipes, treats and other foodie items. […]

2022 Google Doodle For Seasonal Holidays

Google has posted its “Seasonal Holidays” Google Doodle for the month of December – the holiday month. Google did this last year as well, and while the past few days we had some other special doodles on Google’s home page, when those Doodles came off, Google put up this Season Holidays Doodle up. Unlike last […]

How These Entrepreneurs Set Boundaries During The Holidays

For the majority of folks, the holidays are for rest and relaxation as it’s the one time of year most people get a break from school and work. Yet, for small business owners, that’s not quite the case. In fact, November through December is often the busiest season for these entrepreneurs. Many depend on sales […]

New video shares suggestions for visiting Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park throughout busy holidays : Big Island Now

November 23, 2022, 6:30 AM HST Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park welcomes almost 2 million visitors each year, and there is one thing park visitors can count on during the holidays: crowds. From Thanksgiving through January is the park’s busiest time of the year, and extremely high visitor concentrations, traffic delays and no available parking at […]

The Full Checklist of Social Media Holidays (2022 Version)

Has organic reach been in decline for a while, but social media holidays can help brands get a little boost. Coupled with the right hashtag, these holidays provide an opportunity for businesses to reach out to like-minded people. Who Invents Social Media Holidays? Some days are the by-product of marketing campaigns. Some have been declared […]

4 classes from the 2021 holidays

With the holiday season coming to an end, it’s common for companies to look back at the year’s biggest trends and consider how to improve their strategies for the year ahead. To help the e-commerce market do this, Adobe just published a report on 2021 Holiday shopping trends and insights. But what made the 2021 […]

Key Holidays and Celebrations of Observe for 2022 [Infographic]

Whether International Podcast Day, Hamburger Day or Eat an Extra Dessert Day (yes, there really is) – nowadays there seems to be a fixed date for everything, and these events can also be valuable impulses for your social media marketing efforts and alignment of your messages on thematic elements to add traction and traffic. Keeping […]

Did SEOs work over the Christmas holidays?

With all of the changes and updates Google has been making lately, I was wondering if some SEOs thought they couldn’t take off over the Christmas weekend. Google gave us permission take off, but did you? It seems like most of you have done this very unscientific and statistically ill-founded survey that I did Twitter. […]