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Google Says Human Written Content material Would not Essentially Make The Content material Helpful Or Useful

Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that just because a piece of content is written by a human, it does not make that content necessarily helpful and good content. Having a human write content won’t guarantee the content ranks well in Google Search. John said, “Just because something is human-written doesn’t make it helpful & […]

Enhance Your Time Administration Expertise with These Useful Freelancer Suggestions

There are many incredible benefits to being a freelancer, like picking your own clients and creating your own schedule. But without the structure of an office and the oversight of a manager or supervisor, some freelancers find themselves struggling to remain productive when there are plenty of distractions during the day. Time management is an […]

Google September Core Update, Useful Content material Update Carried out & Potential Native Search Rating Update

What a week, we had the launch of the September 2022 core update that started off strong and fast. Google confirmed the helpful content update is done rolling out but I bet most of you didn’t notice anything. Google even possibly had a local search ranking update, or it might be some ranking bug. Google […]

Google Useful Content material Update Not Carried out (Now Carried out) But And Now We’re Seeing Fluctuations

Today marks the two-week and one-day mark since the Google helpful content update started to roll out and by the time I am writing this and when it was published Google has still not noted that the helpful content update is done rolling out (update, at 2pm today, Google said the update is done rolling […]

Google Useful Content material Replace Affect, Search Console Overview Kind Modifications, Google Ads Updates & Extra

This week, I posted the large Google webmaster report a bit late but then dug into the Google helpful content in a lot more detail, so check that out. Google updated the review type results in search which may impact your Search Console reporting. Google Analytics made changes to the Google Ads search query reports […]

Helpful Content Update, Product Opinions Update, Indexing Points & Extra

I am a week late with the monthly Google webmaster report because I was on vacation and these are a pain to put together. But it is important and I wanted to catch you all up on the changes with Google SEO, webmaster, and organic search over the past month. The big news is obviously […]

Google Once more Says Spikes In Crawling Exercise Not A Signal Of The Useful Content material Replace Rollout

Google’s John Mueller was asked if a spike in crawler activity would be a sign that the helpful content update is rolling out. John said no, as expected because he said no to this question numerous times on previous updates. Here are the relevant set of tweets I am referencing here: No — đź–– johnmu […]

Solely 20% Mentioned They Observed Rating Adjustments After Google’s Useful Content material Replace

As we have reported, so far, the Google helpful content update seems pretty minor in terms of what SEOs and tools are picking up, despite what we all thought would happen. Keep in mind that the update is not done and we do expect more from it. A recent poll by Aleyda Solis confirmed that, […]

Weak Google Useful Content material Replace, Hyperlinks In Search Algorithms, Google Ads Glitch & Extra

This week, again from Jerusalem, I spoke about this weird rollout for the Google helpful content update. It is weak and slow, but Google did release a form to submit feedback, while the update is not just yet done rolling out (at least at the time of preparing this video on Friday morning around 1 […]