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Ideas for taking care of pets throughout New Year’s celebrations

Kristofer Purnell – Philstar.com December 31, 2022 | 10:56am MANILA, Philippines — Another year is about to end and we prepare for the beginning of a new one with loud celebrations that will ring in hope, happiness and good fortune. As excited we all are to welcome a brand new year to start over, let’s not forget […]

Devonport Food Festival celebrations for October

A month-long celebration for all things food, will put the North West Coast on the culinary map, for the Devonport Food Festival. From the farmers that grow produce, to the local chefs that prepare dishes, Devonport Food Festival founder and chair, Councillor Lynn Laycock said there were plenty of events for the community to get […]

Key Holidays and Celebrations of Observe for 2022 [Infographic]

Whether International Podcast Day, Hamburger Day or Eat an Extra Dessert Day (yes, there really is) – nowadays there seems to be a fixed date for everything, and these events can also be valuable impulses for your social media marketing efforts and alignment of your messages on thematic elements to add traction and traffic. Keeping […]