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Marketing Automation Set For Large Adjustments in 2024

2023 was one heck of a year for marketing automation. Looking back over just the last two years, the segment has seen incredible growth: Between 2021 and 2023, the marketing automation industry’s revenue grew by an estimated 22% to $5.86 billion. This figure is expected to double by 2030, surpassing $13.7 billion. So what’s driving […]

Google October Core Replace Massive Weekfinish Volatility

We are seeing high levels of volatility and SEO industry chatter over the weekend, starting late Friday, October 13th, through Saturday and Sunday. I suspect this is from the Google October 2023 core update and maybe some movement from the Google October 2023 spam update, but less from the spam update. This is the second […]

David Iwanow On Large Corporations With Google Algorithm Updates & website positioning Businesses Techniques

In part one, we got to learn about David Iwanow and why it is important to reinvent yourself in this space, over and over again. In part two, we talked about Google algorithms and he said even though they are so big they still need to deal with the Medic update and core updates. They […]

Fabrice Canel On Sitemaps & Subsequent Huge Factor In Search

In part one, we learned more about Fabrice Canel of Microsoft Bing and spoke about indexing quality. In part two we dig more into the concern around content generation through generative AI tools and IndexNow. Then in the final part, we spoke about sitemaps and While IndexNow is the best way to submit changes to […]

Elon Musk And Twitter Will Face One Large Problem This Yr: Lawsuits

Elon Musk is the CEO and founder of SpaceX & Tesla as well as Twitter. … [+]On June 16, 2023 at Porte de Versailles, Paris, France attends the Viva Technology event dedicated to innovations and startups. Elon is in Paris, France for the VivaTech Show where he will give a presentation to 4,000 technology lovers. […]

To Forestall Knowledge Leakage, Big Techs Are Limiting The Use of AI Chatbots For Their Workers

Time is running out while governments and technology communities around the world are discussing AI policies. The main concern is keeping humanity safe against misinformation and all the risks it involves. And the discussion is turning hot now that fears are related to data privacy. Have you ever thought about the risks of sharing your […]

Working With a Micro Influencer: Small Following, Massive Impression

Good things come in small packages, and bigger isn’t always better. Okay, they’re cliches, but these sayings are especially true when it comes to micro influencers. Using a micro influencer in your marketing strategy can have a big impact on your social media goals. But before you start DMing every micro influencer you follow, you […]

Tech Leaders Ask For A Pause On Large AI Tasks. But will the world hear?

ace AI becomes more powerful and pervasive, concerns about its impact on society continue to mount. In recent months, we have seen incredible advances like GPT-4, the ChatGPT language model’s new version from Open-AI, able to learn so fast and respond with many quality responses that can be useful in many ways. But at the […]

Huge Google March Core Update, Bing Chat GPT-4, Bing Solutions Go Chat & Extra

Google released the March 2023 broad core update, so far this has been a very fast and big update. Bing said they’ve been using the new GPT-4 technology for the past several weeks. Bing also hinted that the Bing Search answers would be replaced with Chat-based answers. Bing’s sidebar with Bing Chat is now in […]

What’s With Those Cartoonishly Big Red Rubber Boots Influencers Are Showing Off On Social Media?

What’s With Those Cartoonishly Big Red Rubber Boots Influencers Are Showing Off On Social Media? by Adam | February 17, 2023 The topline They are big, red, made of rubber and comically larger than the average boot, but they are making waves on social media, made an appearance during New York Fashion Week and WWE […]