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Why Hybrid Work Is Failing Your Employees

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. With all the new work trends, there is a lot of workspace confusion going on. Employees don’t know whether they should be in the office, working from home, or a hybrid of the two. Often, companies don’t want to choose, so a hybrid approach seems to appease […]

Walmart Layoffs: Tons of of Employees Reduce, Relocated

Walmart is the latest retailer to be hit by mass layoffs as the chain confirmed today it is laying off hundreds of employees and relocating others. “Some parts of our business have made changes that will result in a reduction of several hundred campus roles,” Walmart Chief People Officer Donna Morris wrote in a memo […]

Tesla Is Reportedly Rehiring Laid Off Supercharger Employees

Weeks after the bombshell news that Elon Musk fired the entire Tesla supercharger overnight, some executives and team members are reportedly being asked to return to the company. Musk reportedly has brought back the director of charging for North America Max de Zegher, one of the 500 employees let go, according to Bloomberg, which cited […]

Most Workers Are Secretly Utilizing AI Instruments At Work: Report

Most people are using AI at work, whether their bosses know about it or not. Meanwhile, company leaders are simultaneously looking for non-technical talent with AI skills. A new joint report from LinkedIn and its parent company Microsoft released Wednesday revealed the almost contradictory state of AI at work, as employees discreetly use AI tools […]

Your Workers Should Study to Use AI. It’s on You to Educate Them.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. A friend realized a lifelong dream of purchasing a tiny, seaside hotel and completely renovating it. Shortly before the grand opening, she created a website. The descriptions of the rooms and property were polished, like something you’d see in a glossy travel magazine. I asked who she’d […]

Why You Ought to Onboard Clients Like You Onboard Staff

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. We likely can all agree that new employees need to be onboarded correctly to succeed at a company over the long term. But I’ve also found over the course of running my PR firm that the same holds true for clients. If you want to have a […]

Google Lays Off, Relocates Tons of of ‘Core’ Employees

As mass tech layoffs continue to sweep the industry, Google is the latest company to cut and relocate employees. According to documents obtained by CNBC, Google laid off over 200 employees who were a part of its “Core” division and will be moving another undisclosed number of employees to India and Mexico as the tech […]

Amazon, Apple Workers Have Large Salaries — And Burnout

It’s no secret that tech roles often come with major benefits — from the potential to work in a remote or hybrid capacity to attractive compensation packages scarcely seen in other industries. A newly graduated software engineer can expect to earn between $156,000 and $223,000 per year at Amazon or $207,000 to $297,000 per year […]

Why Leaders Ought to Be Examined Simply as A lot as Staff

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. You might be surprised to hear this, but 82% of bosses tend to come into leadership positions without any management training or qualifications. This has resulted in a major decline in high-quality leaders in various industries across the world. An outcome of this is that we face […]

Empowering Employees to Build Their Personal Brands on LinkedIn (+ Why You Ought to)

Many of the companies generating buzz on social media right now likely all have something in common: it’s not just their brand accounts posting great content, but their employees too. That’s particularly true for businesses and employees active on LinkedIn. According to the network-building platform, content posted by employees is seen as three times more […]