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X Recordsdata Lawsuit Towards Media Matters in Order to Refute Claims That its Model Security Measures are Failing

As promised, Elon Musk’s X Corp has filed a new lawsuit against Media Matters, which accuses Media Matters, a non-profit misinformation research group, of fabricating evidence in order to suggest that X is displaying ads from big-name brands alongside harmful content, including posts from neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic, and anti-LGBTQ accounts. Media Matters has released several reports […]

Twitter Failing To Deal With Child Sexual Abuse Material, Says Stanford Internet Observatory

Twitter Failing To Deal With Child Sexual Abuse Material, Says Stanford Internet Observatory Twitter’s logo can be seen on the outside of its headquarters. The Twitter logo is displayed on the exterior of Twitter headquarters. … [+] images) Getty Images Twitter has failed to remove images of child sexual abuse over recent months—even though they […]

The 5 Ignored Causes Why Your Branding Efforts Are Failing

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Failure is like the “he who must not be named” of the business realm. Every business owner wants to distance himself from it. There will always be those on the wrong end of the table. One of the quickest ways to be on the wrong end is […]

Jeremy Meindl On Failing in Digital Advertising and marketing

Part one other part two with Jeremy Meindl was more on black hat SEO stuff and now in part three, we get into more white hat topics talking about CRM targeting. Then in the last part, we spoke more about his failures over the years. Jeremy explained a lot of times, every failure is an […]

Facebook, Google And Amazon ‘Failing To Deal With Fake Reviews’

Customer reviews getty A report by Which? shows that unscrupulous broker continue to hack Amazon, Google, Facebook and Amazon using fake reviews. After setting up a fake business online – PCR testing firm ‘Gold Lion Labs’ – Which? Xealme was a fraudulent review broker that offered customer reviews for all three websites. According to the […]