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Google Responds To Claims Of Garbage AI Content material In Google News

Danny Sullivan, the Google Search Liaison, responded to the article from 404 Media titled Google News Is Boosting Garbage AI-Generated Articles. In short, Sullivan said that the way they filtered Google News was by date and not relevancy (relevancy filtering is the default) and that Google can always do better. First go read the article, […]

X Recordsdata Lawsuit Towards Media Matters in Order to Refute Claims That its Model Security Measures are Failing

As promised, Elon Musk’s X Corp has filed a new lawsuit against Media Matters, which accuses Media Matters, a non-profit misinformation research group, of fabricating evidence in order to suggest that X is displaying ads from big-name brands alongside harmful content, including posts from neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic, and anti-LGBTQ accounts. Media Matters has released several reports […]

Claims On Social Media That White House Violated U.S. Flag Code Are Improper

US President Joe Biden addresses a Pride Month event held at the White House. … [+]Washington DC (US) on Saturday June 10, 2023. Biden, who described it as the most significant Pride Month celebration at the White House yet, praised LGBTQ people’s bravery and said they were an example to both the US government and […]

One other search engine optimization Claims Increased Rankings With out Content material Hidden In Tabs

A few years ago, we reported that Google said despite some of the SEO case studies, content collapsed and hidden within expandable tabs (accordions) will be indexed and ranked fully. Well, Dan Shure tested it again and he said no, it is not. Dan posted on Twitter that he saw a really big boost in […]

Google calls Paxton’s claims with no AMP web page throttling and others unfounded

Please read first Google slowed down the speed of non-AMP pages, created a format to make header bids more difficult, antitrust complaints History on Search Engine Land. In short, Attorney General Paxton’s allegations were that Google was throttling non-AMP pages and using various techniques to promote its own ad business and more. To be clear, […]

Google bans advertisers and publishers who make false claims about local weather change

Google announced the From December 6, 2021, climate change deniers will be banned from advertising or being a publisher or creator on its network. Google announced that it is “announcing a new monetization policy for Google Advertisers, publisher and YouTube creators banning the promotion and monetization of content that contradicts the established scientific consensus on […]