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The DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress is good for one of the best sleep

Home Business Magazine Online As a business owner, who often works long hours making your business flourish, you need to get an abundant amount of sleep to wake up feeling refreshed and focused. When you wake up feeling good, you’re more energetic, focused and your day becomes easier. The right mattress will set you up […]

Online Social Engagement: The Future of Hybrid and Virtual Events

Online Social Engagement: The Future of Hybrid and Virtual Events by Adam | November 11, 2022 The COVID pandemic has affected the way businesses and employees travel and interact at events, especially with the big shift towards digital engagement. More communication is being done over email and video conferencing while online engagement has reduced the […]

Eight Essentials of a Hybrid Office Layout

Home Business Magazine Online Recent events have led to the popularity of remote workstations. It is estimated that more than 30% of employees would prefer pay cuts but remain with the options of working from home. However, most organizational leaders stressed the importance of workers returning to their desks to maximize output. Merging the various […]

How We Made Our Hybrid Meetup Inclusive

In early September, our team scheduled and organized our first in person meetup in Lisbon, Portugal. The initial plan was to gather in person and spend a week together, getting to know each other better and investing time into strengthening our team. However, due to a mix of reasons, from family leave to health, only […]

Google Auto Information Panel Labels Hybrid & Electrical Automobiles With Inexperienced Font

Google Search has a knowledge panel for automobile and car related searches. If you search for a vehicle where there is an electric and/or hybrid option available, Google will say “hybrid available” and put that font in green. This was spotted by Melissa Fach who said on Twitter “Haven’t seen this in KPs before – […]

Bridge the Hole Between In-Particular person and Digital Sales With Hybrid Promoting

There’s no doubt about it. The pandemic left sales professionals with no other choice but to adopt a more digital sales approach. And this method is here to stay. A full 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and customers will take place in digital channels by 2025. Now is the best time to take […]

Learn how to Win the AnimChallenge With a Hybrid Animation Group

The AnimChallenge is a contest sponsored by Agora.studio that lets animators from every stage in their career throw their hat in the ring to contribute to a quilted-together final product. every month, animation teams are prompted with a different theme to create a short exposition of their work, which could be selected as a snippet […]

How to run higher conferences along with your hybrid group

When meetings are such a big part of your day, they should be worth the time and effort to attend. According to a poll conducted with Forrester during our last webinar, the majority of attendees (61%) expect a hybrid model; three days in one traditional office spacetwo days from home office). Ask yourself: If you […]

10 suggestions for hybrid design groups

How to master the ultimate design team challenge: distance Today more than ever, design teams are spread across cities and time zones, rarely together in the same room. Without role models, post-its and a shared pot of coffee, Where does creative magic happen?? How do teams stay inspired, meet deadlines and manage the design process […]

Hybrid Office: Innovation for the Future

Hybrid workplace: innovation for the future While the pandemic was tough for everyone to deal with, certain aspects turned out to be better in some ways for many workers. For the first time, many employees got a taste of the dream work environment – we thought. While working remotely has its definite advantages, there are […]