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Microsoft Fills Information Hole In Bing Webmaster Tools API

Microsoft has fixed the missing data in the Bing Webmaster Tools API. As a reminder, there was a bug that caused the Bing Webmaster Tools API to stop working, then Microsoft fixed it but about a weeks of data was missing. Now, Microsoft has filled the data gap with the missing data. Fabrice Canel from […]

Bridge the Hole Between In-Particular person and Digital Sales With Hybrid Promoting

There’s no doubt about it. The pandemic left sales professionals with no other choice but to adopt a more digital sales approach. And this method is here to stay. A full 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and customers will take place in digital channels by 2025. Now is the best time to take […]

Google Search Console Crawl Stats Data Gap Once more

Google Search Console’s crawl stats report has a data gap, a missing day, of metrics again. This has happened numerous times, often this is fixed by itself after a few days. So I would check back in a few days – I doubt Google is missing data, it just has a processing issue and hopefully […]

Unadjusted Gender Pay Hole Beneath 1%

For the first time since we started analyzing the gender pay gap at Buffer, our unadjusted gender pay gap is below one percent. Although this number will certainly fluctuate with team changes, we’re proud and happy to see this progress. ❤️ As a reminder, unadjusted means that we are comparing all salaries across Buffer. Adjusted […]

How We’ve Lowered Our Gender Pay Hole From 15% to five.5%

Buffer is based on the belief that transparency creates trust, makes us responsible and can advance our industry. Our wages have been transparent since 2013, and for the fifth time in a row we are sharing our transparent salary analysis. In this report, we share the difference between what men and women make at Buffer. […]