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6 Issues to Know When Constructing an Genuine Green Brand

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. When you set out to build or transition your brand into an environmentally sound and sustainable business, it takes more than just lip service. It takes a thorough commitment to evaluate every aspect of your operation to develop best practices that align with green strategies across the […]

Clinton Sparks Podcast: Beverly Hills 90210 and Entrepreneurship with Brian Austin Inexperienced

Clinton is a renowned entertainment mogul, author, speaker, entrepreneur, visionary brand builder, creative executive, and leading-edge innovator when it comes to integrating culture, collaboration, and cross-platform marketing with an outstanding track record of success, and background managing multiple products from ideation to market launch. He is also a Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum music producer, songwriter and DJ […]

Making Green Spaces Glow: The Fusion of Garden Aesthetics and Waste Removal

Making Green Spaces Glow: The Fusion of Garden Aesthetics and Waste Removal by Andie | December 29, 2023 Imagine stepping into a garden that is not only visually stunning, but also a powerful testament to sustainability. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an average American generates 4.5 pounds of trash every day. That totals […]

Green Day live performance at F1 in Austin assessment, setlist and extra you missed

The foundations of humanity are built upon strange bedfellows. Art and commerce. The sacred and the profane. Green Day and the Formula One U.S. Grand Prix. The disaffected granddads of pop-punk music, whose snarky, anti-authority influence makes a straight line from Blink-182 to Paramore to Machine Gun Kelly, played the opening night concert on Friday […]

Google Auto Information Panel Labels Hybrid & Electrical Automobiles With Inexperienced Font

Google Search has a knowledge panel for automobile and car related searches. If you search for a vehicle where there is an electric and/or hybrid option available, Google will say “hybrid available” and put that font in green. This was spotted by Melissa Fach who said on Twitter “Haven’t seen this in KPs before – […]

Google Testing A Curved With Green Border & Extra Seen Ad Label

Google seems to be testing a new ad label on the search ads that is way more noticeable than the normal ad label. This one has the black ad label text but it is outlined in a curved green border making the ad label stand out much more than previous ad labels. This was spotted […]

Green advertising and marketing as a necessity: individuals need sustainable manufacturers

after a Study by Dentsu International and Microsoft Advertising, over 77% of people around the world say that five years from now they will only want to spend money on brands that promote sustainable advertising. Besides that, 91% of people want brands to show they are making positive choices for the planet. But what does […]