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B2C Copywriting: 8 Suggestions To Win Your Viewers Over

People are looking for you. They want what your company has to offer. They believe that YOUR product or service has a very good chance of solving their problems and relieving their pain points. So how do they find you? How do you make yourself visible to prospective clients, to those people who are looking […]

How to Win Loyal Clients With Ecommerce Content Advertising

Your customers are shopping for more than products. They also want helpful information. Sometimes, they’re after inspiration, or a little entertainment.  Last century, retailers online and off rarely concerned themselves with the idea of producing content to satisfy these desires, but in this century, the formula for success is “know, like, trust.”  You win customers—and […]

How area of interest advertising can win prospects out of your opponents

30-second summary: Knowing your customers and what triggers them to purchase is imperative. This includes understanding what causes them to buy from your competitors This level of knowledge can only be built through ‘niche marketing,’ which is highly targeted at specific customer segments Sam Budd, Founder & CEO of Buddy Media Group and Founding Member […]

What’s Niche Marketing? And How to Win Your Market

Differentiating your brand from fierce competition is a challenge, but the answer lies with your audience. Adding a niche-marketing approach to your digital strategy is your solution. It means you’ll be meeting consumers on a much more personal level and catering specifically to their needs. The content, for example, that Coca-Cola makes for its general […]

How Do You Win NaNoWriMo?

In book-writing circles, November is National Novel Writing Month, otherwise known as NaNoWriMo. If you haven’t heard of this annual event, or you’re ready to join the challenge for the first time, this will be a great primer. Here is a brief overview of the rules, along with guidelines to help you win NaNoWriMo. How […]

How To Win at TikTookay (In keeping with TikTookay)

TikTok is not a social media platform. It’s an entertainment platform. That’s how Khartoon Weiss, TikTok’s Global Head of Agency & Accounts, described the world’s most downloaded app at The Gatheringat an annual business and marketing summit held in Banff, Canada. What’s the distinction? People don’t “check” Tiktok. They watch it. And, Weiss says, “that […]

11 Methods to Win at Email Marketing

Want more out of your email marketing campaigns? Then look no further – start with email segmentation. In this article, we’ll guide you through the ins and outs of this underrated email marketing practice that can turn your email program into a profitable marketing machine.  We’ll go over:  Let’s dive in! What is email segmentation? Email segmentation […]

Your Abilities Will Match Proper In! [Friendly Workplace Certification Award Win]

We all want a workplace that’s in harmony with the people, allowing our talents to shine – including us. A modern approach with an actual balance between the rest of our lives and our work life. With a space for open dialogue and communication, supporting our mental and physical well-being. An environment that acts as […]

Learn how to Win the AnimChallenge With a Hybrid Animation Group

The AnimChallenge is a contest sponsored by Agora.studio that lets animators from every stage in their career throw their hat in the ring to contribute to a quilted-together final product. every month, animation teams are prompted with a different theme to create a short exposition of their work, which could be selected as a snippet […]

Methods to win the thought chief arms race in 2022

The opinions of entrepreneurs’ contributors are their own. If your feeds are like mine as an executive, every time you open LinkedIn, the News app, or your email client, you’ll be inundated with a rush of articles promising to give you the formula for success, new trends, and the latest To teach innovations, industry insights […]