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For Tracy Hyde: Hotel Insomnia Album Overview

You could characterize the sound of For Tracy Hyde as cinematic, breathless, love-at-first-sight dream pop, with a seamless melding of influences from Shibuya-kei to shoegaze to grunge. But there’s something more difficult to describe at the heart of the young Tokyo band. Azusa Suga (alias Natsubot) serves as the band’s primary songwriter, lyricist, and guitarist, […]

How Christopher Nolan Used Daylight To Make Insomnia Really feel Even Darker

Christopher Nolan is one of today’s most revered filmmakers, and he got there by taking chances. The British filmmaker wrote, directed, and edited his first film in 1998, called “Following.” If Alfred Hitchcock and the French New Wave had a baby, it would look a little something like “Following.” But it was Nolan’s second film […]

Opinion: There’s extra to distressed sleep than insomnia – and we should be courageous sufficient to speak about it

It is socially acceptable to talk about insomnia and sleepless nights, but we are less likely to discuss instances of Parasomnia, sleep disorders that involve involuntary movement or hallucinations.yanyong/iStockPhoto / Getty Images Alice Vernon is the author of Night Terrors: Troubled Sleep and the Stories We Tell About It. How did you sleep last night? […]

Insomnia Research by Dr Bamgbade and Salem Pain Clinic Canada; Clonidine is Higher Than Zopiclone for Insomnia Treatment

Dr. Olu Bamgbade Clinical Research by Dr Olumuyiwa Bamgbade; Clonidine Provides Effective Treatment for Insomnia and Reduces Addiction to Sedatives Clonidine provides better sleep and outcomes; it reduces addiction to Zopiclone and sedatives” — Dr. Olu Bamgbade SURREY, BC, CANADA, November 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — A clinical research study has revealed that Clonidine is better […]

Pharmacological interventions for insomnia dysfunction in adults

A meta-analysis published in 2022 by Franco de Crescenzo and colleagues 1 De Crescenzo F D’Alò GL Ostinelli EG et al. Comparative effects of pharmacological interventions for the acute and long-term management of insomnia disorder in adults: a systematic review and network meta-analysis. Lancet. 2022; 400: 170-184 suggested poor efficacy of pharmacotherapeutics in the treatment […]

How Insomnia Cookies Turned a Late-Evening Faculty Staple

According to the National Sleep Foundation, up to 96% of college students report functioning on less than eight hours of sleep per night. During final exams it gets worse, with the average student eking by on a little more than six hours of sleep. While health experts have long warned that pulling all-nighters isn’t good […]

Insomnia Cookies 2022 Vacation Treats, Ranked From Worst To Greatest

This might’ve been one of the best cookies we’ve ever had. No, seriously, it was phenomenal. Insomnia‘s Deluxe Filled Hot Cocoa cookie captured the holiday magic of hot chocolate perfectly. We had medium expectations for this one, as we love hot cocoa and weren’t sure if this cookie was going to capture the exact vibes of […]

Co-occurrence of Insomnia With Different Well being Circumstances and Threat Components and Triggers for Insomnia

Paul Doghramji, MD, FAAFP: Interestingly, insomnia when it occurs, at least I know in primary care, but also you’ll share with me as well, Leslie, about your practice, insomnia rarely occurs by itself. It seems to have co-occurrences with medical conditions and psychiatric conditions. I know that 30%, 40% of patients with insomnia have psychiatric […]

Why girls usually tend to have insomnia — and 6 methods to beat it | Weekend

How have you been sleeping? If you are female, there is a greater chance that the answer is “not well”. Insomnia can affect anyone, but research now suggests that women are 58 per cent more likely to experience it than men. In a recent paper that looked at the sleep gender gap, Dr Xuejie Ding, […]

Eating habits that may be a set off for insomnia

When you eat too much of spicy food at night, it can cause acidity which can cause sleep disturbances. Photo : iStock New Delhi: Insomnia is a sleep disorder where an individual struggles to fall asleep or stay asleep for long. It could be a result of bad sleep patterns, medications, chronic illnesses and depression […]