Many SEOs Are Worried About Their Jobs With Generative AI & AI Search

With generative AI and the new AI search features, we are not only able to use some generative AI tools to create excellent content, but how searchers access information is on the verge of changing. This is causing some concern and fear within the SEO industry.

Liraz Postan posted a poll on Twitter SEOs “Are you worried about asking your career in the next 1-3 years?” The poll had 665 votes on it, which is a lot, and it seems like more SEOs are worried than not worried.

About 57% said of those who responded (didn’t respond “why”) said they are worried and 43% said they are not. Here are the results:

Seos Are Worried Job Security Poll

Here is the original Twitter poll:

Poll time for #SEO folks here. Are you worried about your career in the next 1-3 years?

— Liraz Postan (@Rliraz) April 20, 2023

I mean, it makes sense why some would be worried. There is zero doubt in my mind that SEO will change over the next few years because of these AI advancements. The good thing is that SEOs are mostly good at handling change and adapting their skillsets.

Here is what John said:

As long as machines read websites, technical SEO will remain an important part of making the most out of a website. It’s not going away. And as long as humans look at websites, performance and user experience is going to remain just as important. No amount of links replace these.

— giovannimu (official) — #StaplerLife (@JohnMu) April 26, 2023

Anyway, things will 100% change and change more than you have seen it change in your history. But I know most of you are excited for the change, even if you are a bit worried.

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