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Elon Musk Says X Customers Are Posting Fewer Posts Per Day Than Folks Had Been Tweeting

In among the various notes and statements that Elon Musk shared in his interview with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Monday, Musk also made some interesting remarks about X usage, and how it’s changed under his management. Musk has repeatedly stated that X continues to reach all-time highs in “device user seconds”, a vague denominator which […]

X is Altering How Hyperlink Previews are Introduced In-Stream, Which May Influence Your Posting Technique

I can understand Elon Musk’s push in most cases, in trying to drive certain actions on X, like reducing the reach of tweets from non-X Blue subscribers in order to boost Blue take-up, or limiting the reach of posts with external links to better incentivize direct posting to the app. I get it, it’s pretty […]

Instagram Exams New Collaborative Posting Choice to Encourage Participation

This could be interesting. Instagram is experimenting with a new option that would enable users to add their own images and videos to an existing post, facilitating more direct collaborations in the app. As you can see in this example, shared by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, when switched on, the new option would enable post […]

Mastering Guest Posting: Advantages, Techniques, and Ideal Partnerships

If you’re a content marketing professionalone of your primary responsibilities is building the online presence of the brand you manage. If you own a brand and handle its marketing aspects, I’m confident that you’re also focused on earning the trust and attention of your audience. An effective approach to boost brand growth and expand viewership […]

3 Causes to Maintain Posting on LinkedIn, Even when No person is Partaking With You

This article could flop. You might not even get past the first paragraph — and some people won’t even be bothered to click on the link. That’s just a fact of life for a professional content creator. We know every piece of content you produce won’t be a hit, but we also know you can’t […]

Google Maps Posting Restrictions For Consumer Generated Content material

Google has posted a new help document for posting restrictions around user-generated content in Google Maps. This is specific to reviews, photos, and videos users may update to Google Maps. This may also include content such as ratings or Q&A topics. I spotted this via LocalU who wrote, “This is the first time that Google […]

Planning for 2023: Twitter Posting Suggestions

Looking for ways to improve your social media marketing performance in 2023? Over the first few weeks of the year, we’re publishing a series of tips and notes on how to maximize your efforts, including pointers on new tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E, and how these evolving apps can assist in your content planning process […]

How Fragrance Posting & Area of interest Perfume Homes Advanced The Scent Industry

Minka Ashley is a self-described scent pervert. She moved back a couple of years ago to her hometown on the coast of Maine, where she found herself with a closet full of outfits she never wore. Now, instead of changing her outfits every day, she changes her fragrances. “I have a lot of really stupid […]

The Unusual Motive I Preserve Posting My Wordle Rating On Facebook

In this photo, taken in Krakow in Poland, you can see Wordle on a screen of a mobile phone. … [+]On January 23, 2022. (Photo taken by Jakub porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images). NurPhoto via Getty Images Why is it that we do what we do? For me, it’s a continual mystery. I am often surrounded […]

Reddit Shares Inventive Greatest Practices and Posting Tricks to Assist Entrepreneurs Construct Connection [Infographic]

Have you considered the potential of Reddit for your digital marketing efforts? The platform currently serves over 52 million daily active usersand with highly engaged communities in all manner of niches, it could well be a great path to not only learn more about your target market, but also connect with them in a more […]