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Google Search Hijacking Bug With TripAdvisor, Booking, Hotel.com In European Areas?

Google Search may have a bug in the European regions with hotel listings being hijacked by spammy sites. Google will show TripAdvisor, Hotels.com, Booking.com and other legit sites in its search results but when you click on those listings, you’re taken to a different site, a spammy site. It is hard for me to replicate […]

Google Search Provides Healthcare Supplier Appointments & Reserving

Google announced that in addition to helping searchers find healthcare providers that take their insurance, they are now helping searchers book appointments at these healthcare providers. This is a limited pilot test with MinuteClinic at CVS and some other healthcare booking software services. This should make it easier for some to find and book local […]

Google is introducing reserving hyperlinks and extra details about points of interest known as “Actions”

Google announced It introduces new booking links and information for points of interest. Google said, “In the coming months, we’ll also be showing information and booking links for experiences in a travel destination, such as wine tasting in Paris or bike tours in California.” Google calls this Things To Do on Google. This is what […]