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Does Listening to Music Improve Academic Performance?

Academic performance can be influenced by various factors. These factors can become a serious drawback or a great booster for a student. We want to be helpful to students and so focus on beneficial methods that help to improve academic performance. One of them is to listen to music. We have analyzed this issue from […]

LinkedIn Publishes 2022 ‘State of Sales’ Report, Taking a look at Key Traits in Sales Efficiency

LinkedIn has published the 2022 edition of its State of Sales reportwhich looks at emerging trends among buyers and sellers, and how the most successful outreach managers are optimizing their performance. LinkedIn wants to publish eight different regional variations of the report over the next week, incorporating responses from some 15,000 buyers and sellers around […]

Snapchat Shares New Knowledge on How AR and Camera Ads Can Assist Increase Marketing campaign Efficiency

What’s the best way to maximize your campaign performance on Snapchat? Snap has sought to provide some more insight on this, via two new studies which look at the ways in which different Snap ad formats drive user response in the app, and how Snapchat’s more advanced AR tools can help to boost brand lift […]

Google News Efficiency Report Information Concern From May 12 to May 26

Google Search Console has yet another reporting bug, this one is with the Google News performance report. The data between May 12, 2022 and May 26, 2022 may show a drop due to a logging error. Google said there was no real drop in Google Search even if the reports showed one. Google wrote “Because […]

Enhance your advert efficiency with TrafficStars Optimizer

May 26, 2022 – 2 min read Campaign optimization is a vital stage in online advertising. An increase in the number of ad campaigns will certainly lead to the fact that the marketer will not have enough time to monitor all the metrics qualitatively… Here comes the TrafficStars Optimizer! This new tool aims to automate […]

Here’s how this premium efficiency activewear model is carving a distinct segment within the health market

TEGO, a premium activewear brand for athletes, was started by entrepreneurs Krishna Chandak and Ashish Nail in 2016. According to the founders, it was born out of the need for a good workout gear they could not find. Hence, the duo set out to create products that would make a difference to their workouts.  “We […]

Google Search Console Efficiency Experiences Logs Extra Desktop Options

Google Search Console’s performance report starting on May 13, 2022 now logs impressions for additional desktop features. One example Google gave was “top stories.” Google said you may see an increase in your desktop impressions when you filter by Good Page Experience in the search appearance filter. But honestly, this just does not make much […]

Google Search Console Provides Translated Outcomes Search Appearance Filter To Efficiency Report

Google has quietly added a new search appearance filter to the performance report in Google Search Console. The new search appearance filter is named “translated results” and it shows you how many searchers accessed your site’s content when Google translates it in the search results. This seems to be mobile only right now, based on […]

Google Business Profile Performance Metrics With Products

Google has added a section to the Google Business Profile Performance Metrics (formerly Google My Business Insights) for products. This section shows you how your products performed in Google Maps and local search. It shows you how many people viewed your products and what your top products are. Syed M. Amir Hassan posted a screenshot […]

Google Says Audience Alerts Assist Jumpstart Performance Max Campaigns But Proceed To Inform

The other day, Google Ads Liaison, Ginny Marvin said that audience signals are used to only “jumpstart” your Performance Max campaigns. It turns out that Google Ads may continue to use these signals to inform Google’s systems over the campaign lifecycle. Let me share the tweets on this and then Greg Finn’s follow up with […]