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Google Ads Performance Max Product Segmentation With Brand & Custom Labels

Google has added to the Performance Max product campaigns within Google Ads brand and custom labels. This allows advertisers the quick ability to segment your products also by brand and custom labels. Thomas Eccel posted about this new feature on X, calling this a “really handy feature.” “Some weeks ago I posted about the “Product […]

Google Ads Search Themes For Performance Max

Google announced the beta launch of Search themes for Google Ads Performance Max campaigns. Search themes are an optional signal you can use to inform Google AI about your business to expand relevant reach across your Google ad campaigns. Note, right now it is optional, but in early 2024, Google will automatically upgrade your existing […]

Bing Webmaster Tools Performance Report Replace

I am excited but also feel let down that the new Bing Webmaster Tools Performance report gained all these new sources of data, including Bing Chat, but the only one you cannot filter on is Bing Chat. We got Bing Images, Bing Videos, Bing News, Bing Knowledge Panels filters, but Bing Chat is combined with […]

Google Provides New AI Tool to Assist Maximize Video Advert Efficiency

Google’s added a new AI tool to help optimize your video ad performance. Called “Creative Guidance”, the new option, built into the Google Ads platform, will assess your videos, and provide feedback on how to improve performance, based on Google’s best practices and requirements. As explained by Google: “To help customers better optimize their ads, […]

Google Ads To Migrate Automobile Ads From Smart Shopping Campaigns To Performance Max

Google announced that starting next month, in September, existing vehicle ads campaigns created through Smart Shopping campaigns will be automatically migrated to Performance Max. Well, Google used the word “upgraded,” but it felt weird to write that, so I replaced it with “migrated.” Google explained that all your campaign settings, structure, audience signals, vehicle feeds, […]

How To Create Top-Notch Advert Creatives to Increase Marketing campaign Efficiency

Advertisement In today’s digital age, we are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of content and advertisements on the internet. It seems like everywhere we look, there’s something trying to grab our attention. However, as users, we have developed a selective blindness, ignoring things that don’t interest us directly. This phenomenon is commonly known as “ad […]

How We Run Performance Evaluations At Buffer And Why I Have Combined Emotions About Them

For many years, as a small startup, we did not do any sort of formal performance reviews. Instead, we did regular one-to-one meetings between managers and teammates, usually on a weekly basis. We also gave feedback to each other openly and regularly. (We even experimented with doing feedback transparently, but we went away from that […]

Matt Abbagnaro On Getting Into PPC & Google Ads Efficiency Max

Matt Abbagnaro was kind enough to meet me in some parking lot last minute to discuss search marketing. We picked the parking lot so I can find an Electrify America charging station and charge while we do our interview. I didn’t find the charger, they were broken anyway, and I decided to just drive around […]

Unlock High Performance with EZmob: The Ultimate Platform for Affiliates

As an affiliate marketer, you understand the essence of a powerful ad network in successfully running your campaigns. Navigating the digital advertising ecosystem can be daunting, and finding the ideal partner to boost your campaign performance can be a real challenge. That’s where EZmob steps in. EZmob, an innovative ad network, collaborates advertisers and publishers… […]

Google Mentioned Having A number of Navigation Menus Has Zero Affect On Your search engine marketing Efficiency

Google’s Gary Illyes said in an SEO office hours video that having multiple navigation menus will have no impact on your SEO performance. That means no positive or negative impact on your SEO performance. The question came up at the 10:05 mark in the video. Question: Can having multiple navigation menus hurt SEO performance? A […]