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Menachem Ani On Google Ads & Structuring Efficiency Max Campaigns

I went to Menachem Ani’s office, JXT Group, to chat all things paid search. We first spoke about he first got into the Google Ads business, he was doing Google Ads since the early times. He started in the space doing ads for eBay listings, using Froogle and Google AdWords in 2003. We then went […]

Meta Announces AI-Powered Tools to Increase Advertisements Performance and Streamline Advert Creation

In the digital ads world, artificial intelligence is far from new. For years, these platforms have been using Machine Learning and AI to identify user behavior patterns, target consumers with greater potential to purchase certain products or services, optimize campaign results, among many other functions. However, in recent months, with the popularization of platforms such […]

What is Performance Mode and How To Gain Profit With It

advertisement RichAds’ Performance Mode: Gain Profit Without Any Efforts New features to simplify marketers’ work appear every day, some of them turn out to be successful, while others fail to satisfy the needs of affiliates. Marketers allocate a considerable amount of time to optimize their campaigns. Not everyone has an opportunity to make a big […]

Google And Meta Have Introduced New Features And Updates To Enhance Your Advert Performance

Recently, the online advertising giants, Google and Meta (owner of Facebook and Instagram) released new updates related to their ad platforms. These updates promise to optimize advertisers’ work and improve their performance and data analysis in several ways. In this article, I’ll talk about each update and how you can take advantage of these updates […]

Google Says Google Ads Can See A Important Efficiency Influence By Not Migrating To GA4

As we approach the Google Analytics 4 migration deadlineGoogle Ads Liaison, Ginny Marvin reminds advertisers that some “advertisers could see a significant performance impact” in their ad campaigns if they do not migrate. Ginny wrote this on Twitter, first talking about the Google Analytics 4 deadline, saying “the GA4 deadline is almost approaching. Universal Analytics […]

Sales Performance Management: 7 Best Practices

Managing a team of salespeople is a complex discipline. And it doesn’t typically involve standing at the front of a boiler room screaming vague platitudes like ABC (Always Be Closing). Instead, managing a sales team requires careful attention to motivations, incentives, individual skills, and weaknesses.  These will help your team achieve their performance potential. And […]

22 Tricks to Assist Maximize Your search engine optimization Efficiency [Infographic]

Have you been staying on top of your SEO elements? If you’ve neglected SEO, you’re likely missing out on traffic, and there could be many opportunities passing you by due to basic errors. But you can get things back on track – the team from SEMRush have put together a basic SEO checklist to help […]

Google Ads Adds Brand Exclusions, Page Feeds, Video Creation & Extra Reporting To Performance Max

Google Ads announced Four new features coming soon to Performance Max, including campaign-level brand exclusions, page feeds, video creation tools, more experiments, and more reporting. Ginny Marvin, the Google Ads Liason, said on Twitter, “you likely saw account-level negative keywords started rolling out next month for brand suitability & other purposes.” Here is what is […]

Two Google Unconfirmed Updates, Performance Max Experiments & Search Console Information Change

This week we had two unconfirmed updates from Google rollout after the helpful content, and link spam update finished. Google said quality updates could impact crawling and indexing. Google Search Console updated the performance report for product tracking. Google also updated the video indexing report for better error reporting. Google will ignore robots.txt rules if […]

Google Search Console Efficiency Experiences Might Present Spike In Product Outcomes Clicks & Impressions

Google has posted that you may see an increase in clicks and impressions in your search performance report when filtering by the product results search appearance in Search Console. Google said this is because Google is now picking up these products even without structured data. This spike would appear on January 6, 2023, and continue […]