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Google Mentioned Having A number of Navigation Menus Has Zero Affect On Your search engine marketing Efficiency

Google’s Gary Illyes said in an SEO office hours video that having multiple navigation menus will have no impact on your SEO performance. That means no positive or negative impact on your SEO performance. The question came up at the 10:05 mark in the video. Question: Can having multiple navigation menus hurt SEO performance? A […]

Google Maps & Native Displaying Addresses In A number of Languages

Google can show your business address in more than one language within Google Maps and the Google local search results. So if you have a hotel, Google might be able to show the address both in English and the local language, like French in our example below. This was spotted by Stefan Somborac who noticed […]

Google Search Console Bulk Information Export To BigQuery Now Helps A number of Properties

Several weeks ago, Google enabled the ability to export your Google Search Console data in bulk, automatically, to Google’s BigQuery. Now, Google announced that you can do this across multiple properties in Google Search Console into a single Google Cloud project. Google said on Twitter“Following feedback from the community, today we’re updating bulk data exports […]

Google Says Linking To A number of Suppliers In Product Opinions May Give A Small Rating Enhance

In Google’s fifth release of the product reviews updateGoogle added that linking to multiple sellers is part of the overall algorithm. Alan Kent from Google said yesterday on Twitter that when all else is equal, “linking to multiple providers might get a small boost.” Reminder, Google wrote on this product reviews update, “include links to […]

How one can Create A number of Streams of Earnings from Home

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. There are lots of ways to make extra money from home. Most require a computer and Internet access, and every now and then, you’ll have to find some extra space in your house to set up shop, so to speak. With people forced to stay home, making […]

Google Follow Feature Recommends Descriptive Titles For RSS Feed & Utilizing A Single Feed (Not A number of)

Google has made a couple of tweaks to the documentation for the Follow Feature in Google Search. Google added you should use (1) descriptive titles for your RSS feed and (2) a single feed even if you have multiple. The Google Follow feature lets people follow a website and get the latest updates from that […]

Google Continues To Work On Deduplicating A number of Ad Listings

Joy Hawkins pointed out an example of Google Local Service Ads showing duplicate listings for the same law firm for the same query. Google has policies against that and asked if those policies are effective, to which Google’s Ad Liaison said yes, and they continue to work to improve with those efforts. Joy referenced this […]

Google’s John Mueller Can See Search Spam In A number of Languages

Google’s John Mueller is able to see and identify content search related spam without even speaking the language. Supposedly this is not a magical power or even that hard to do by someone who was trained to catch spam, but nevertheless, he is able to spot spammy content in languages ​​he does not understand. How […]

How to Handle A number of Social Media Accounts (and Keep Calm)

If you’ve ever wondered how to reduce work stress when you manage multiple social media accounts for clients — or for your own business — you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll walk you through the easiest ways to manage, monitor, and collaborate on all the (many) social accounts you use every day. […]

Google says utilizing the identical web site theme on a number of web sites is ok

Do you want to use the same design theme on multiple websites? Well, Google’s John Mueller said it was okay to do this, in fact he said many websites share a similar or same topic. The question was: “Does code duplication affect SEO? I used my CSS classes from domain” A “for domain” B “, […]