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Google Says Ignore Spammy Referral Site visitors

Google’s John Mueller said when it comes to spammy referral traffic, you can ignore it and don’t worry about it regarding SEO. John said on Twitter“I’d ignore it,” when asked about it. Tom Goering asked John, “Since Link Spam update, been getting a LOT of referral traffic from websites with an .xyz ext. I haven’t […]

Google Will Ignore Robots.txt Directives If It Serves A 4xx Standing Code

Here is another PSA from Gary Illyes of Google. In short, if you serve a 4xx status code with your robots.txt file, then Google will ignore the rules you have specified in that file. Why? Well, 4xx status codes means the document is not available, so Google won’t check it because the server says it […]

Google Mentioned You Can Ignore Spammy Hyperlinks Even When The Entire Penalized Website Is Redirected To Yours

Google’s advice since Penguin 4.0 was that you don’t need to disavow links since the links are neutralized (devalues ​​vs demotes) and don’t end up helping or hurting you. In short, Google ignores those links. This even applies to when someone redirects a site that was penalized for spammy links to your site, said John […]

You Can Ignore The Elon Musk And Twitter Drama

Tesla CEO Elon Musk (AP Photo/Matt Rourke, file) Copyright 2021 The Associated Press All rights reserved. Financial media are obsessed by the continuing Elon Musk versus Twitter sagaTWTR. Latest developmentTwitter sued Musk after Musk announced that he would not be able to fulfill the $44 billion deal to purchase the company. It’s fun and exciting […]

Google Will Possible Simply Ignore Widget Hyperlinks And Not Penalize For Them

As you know, Google has a webmaster guideline against widget links (since 2016), despite what some SEOs want to tell yourself. But the good news, and we knew thisthat Google will likely just ignore those links and not penalize your site for those links today. In 2017, John Mueller said Google will probably just automatically […]

Google says you may ignore poisonous hyperlinks

Google’s John Mueller said it again, when it comes to “toxic links” you can ignore them. If you lose sleep at night because of them and it makes you sleep better, you can disavow the connections – but you don’t have to – said John Mueller, just ignore them and move on. Not sure which […]

5 Advertising and marketing Methods Real Estate Agents Can No Longer Ignore – Outbrain

The number of real estate agents is growing every year. In 2020 the National Association of Realtors reports 1.46 million members – an all-time high. The question is: How do you stand out as a real estate agent in a crowded market with a low housing supply and consumer trends that are uncertain and change […]

Ought to You Just Ignore Keywords When Writing Content For website positioning?

The opinions of entrepreneurs’ contributors are their own. Few marketing strategies have gone through as much evolution and development as search engine optimization (SEO). It’s been around as long as search engines, however the modern approach is radically different from what people did in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Back then, the SEO game […]

Google’s penguin algorithm could not solely ignore hyperlinks, it could goal the complete web site

When Google was released Penguin 4.0, Google said it was about an update Devalue links, do not downgrade links. That said, Google would just ignore the spam and bad links, and your website would not be demoted because of those links. Well, Google said, sometimes Penguin can downgrade your website as well. This contradicts all […]