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What’s the Difference Between Ad Fraud vs Click Fraud?

What’s the Difference Between Ad Fraud vs Click Fraud? Over $600 billion was spent on PPC ads in 2023. With this huge volume of revenue bad actors continue to manipulate ads to make money using fraudulent practices. While you might have heard the terms ad fraud and click fraud, and perhaps used them interchangeably, they […]

8 Google Ads Extensions to Maximize Advert Area and Enhance Click on Via Price [Infographic]

Are you just getting started with a Google Ads campaign for your website? Want to understand the different ad extensions that are available to you? The team from omnitail share their Google Ads tips in this infographic. Here’s what they cover: seller rating calls site link Location Structured snippet apartment call out Price Check out […]

What Is Click to Open Price (CTOR) in Email Advertising and marketing & Is It Essential?

Click-to-open rate (CTOR) is one of the single best metrics for gauging your email campaign’s performance. And it’s not as daunting as it looks. Below, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about CTOR, including what it is, the click-to-open rate formula, and differences with other metrics. What is click to open rate […]

Jeff Ferguson On The Zero Click on Google Research & The Future Of search engine optimization

In part one, we go through Jeff Ferguson’s long history in search marketing. In part two, we pick up with him starting his own agency. Then in part three, we talk about the state of SEO studiesand we end in part four with the zero-click study and how the future of SEO looks. We spent […]

New Zero Click on Google Research Reveals It Solely At 25%

Marcus Tober at Semrush, a respected search marketing platform, published a new zero-click study that puts zero clicks across Google on average at 25% of all searches or 26% on desktop and 17% on mobile searches. No matter how you look at it, it is well under the Sparktoro study putting zero clicks on Google […]

Click Bots And Faux Traffic Have Resulted In An Estimated $35 Billion In Harm To Advertisers

Click fraud is not a new thing. For years, this practice has been performed as a way to circumvent the system and suck money from internet advertisers. This practice has become increasingly sophisticated year after year. A study by the University of Baltimore estimates that this type of fraud cost approximately $35 billion dollars in […]

How to Set Up SSL Click Monitoring

One of the many benefits of sending emails with Twilio SendGrid (TSG) is our ability to track customer engagement data for you. This provides valuable insights into the performance of your email program and the behavior of your recipients. Click tracking and open tracking are 2 of many valuable metrics that help measure customer engagement. […]

Google Search Exams Image Pack That Hundreds Images On Proper On Click on

Google seems to be testing a web search feature for the image pack that keeps you within web search when you click on a specific image. Punit shared a screenshot the other day (not on April Fools) of how Google placed the larger image preview on the right of the web search image pack results. […]