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Google Business Profiles Attributes For Nursing Room & Are Children Allowed

Google has added a couple of new attributes to Google Business Profiles. One is for does the location has a nursing room for mothers to feed their babies, and the other is an attribute to specify if the location allows children to enter. This was spotted by Laura Alfonso, who wrote on X, “I have […]

Google Business Profiles Add Deal with Autocomplete

Google added a new option to the Google Business Profile screen in web search for “add address autocomplete.” This is not really a search feature but a promotion to use the Google Maps Cloud Platform to help users check out with the correct address on your e-commerce site or forms. Colan Nielsen spotted this and […]

Google Business Profiles Posts Video Verification Troubleshooting & FAQs

Google has posted a list of troubleshooting and FAQs around the Google Business Profiles video verification method. As you know, you can verify your business in Google Business Profiles through a number of methods, from snail mail to video verification and Kara from the Google Business Profiles team posted some troubleshooting and FAQs for the […]

Google Business Profiles New Fix Photograph That Does not Present Attraction Type

Google has added a new option in the Google Business Profile appeal for “Fix photo that doesn’t show.” This means you can submit a support request for when you know a photo is not showing up on your Google Business Profile and you want it to. Mike Blumenthal first reported about this saying, “Google has […]

Google SGE Positive factors Hyperlinks & Movies, Search Console Not Monitoring SGE, Business Profiles AI, Misleading Bing Ads & Extra

This week we covered a possible Google algorithm updater yesterday and today. We also covered how the new Google Search Generative Experience now can show both links to sources and videos in the answer snapshots. Google SGE also has these new “from Google” cards in the answers. Google Search Generative Experience does not always show […]

Google Business Profiles Food Ordering Characteristic

Google has updated the Google Business Profile food ordering section with more options and settings. This food ordering feature was in the old Google My Business section but was updated recently in the new Google Business Profile interface. Claudia Tomina posted this on Twitter saying, “Food ordering now provides additional options. Restaurants can now set […]

Google Business Profiles Provides Extra Notification Settings

Google Business Profiles seems to have added more options to when you should be notified from the platform. The list includes 13 different notification categories you can turn on or off under the notifications menu for your Google Business Profile. Claudia Tomina spotted this and notified me of it on Twitter. Here are the categories […]

Google Business Profiles Products Not Going Away

There was some concern that products were going away within Google Business Profiles and being moved fully to Google Merchant Center Next. Ginny Marvin, the Google Ads Liaison, said on Twitter that this is not true; she said, “Products will remain available in GBP.” The concern came from Google sending out emails to businesses about […]

Google Ads Decide In To Use Media From Google Business Profiles

Google Ads has a setting named “automated locations” that has a subsetting to grant Google Ads access to your media and photos from your Google Business Profile. You can turn this on or off under the “automated locations” option in Google Ads. Anthony Higman said this is new and posted about this on Twitter. The […]

Google Rating Fluctuations, Views Filter, SGE Business Profiles, Bard With Lens, Bing Chat Visible & Extra

This week, we had yet another pretty hot and unconfirmed Google search ranking update in the middle of the week. Google finally launched that perspectives filter in the mobile US search results. Google updated its Search Generative Experience to use data from reviews and photos within Google Business Profiles. Google now lets you virtually try […]